Did Maggie Q train under Jackie Chan?

Maggie Q, the well-known actress, model, and activist trained under Jackie Chan an actor, filmmaker, martial artist, and stuntman.

Maggie Q became a protégé of Jackie Chan in her teens when he saw her as a potential action star.

His extensive training taught her the value of professionalism and always performing her stunts. She later stated, “When I started in the business, I had never done a single day of martial arts. I couldn’t even touch my toes.”

Maggie Q was still recovering from a major spine surgery two months prior when she shot the high-octane thriller “The Protégé” in January 2020. That didn’t stop her from kicking ass, jumping off balconies, and getting hit by a speeding car to play Anna, a vengeful assassin.

Maggie Q used her years of conditioning work with Jackie Chan in the late 1990s and early 2000s to quickly get into fighting shape for the new film.