Diane Addonizio – Bio, Kids, Family, Facts About Howie Long’s Wife

The American celebrity wife, Diane Addonizio is a non-practicing American lawyer and businesswoman who came to the limelight as the wife of retired NFL star, Howie Long. Despite having retired from professional football since 1993, Long has remained in the spotlight for many reasons, ranging from working as an actor and advertising model to becoming Fox Sports football analyst and host. In all, Howie has been a really successful football and media personality; and didn’t they say that behind every successful man is a strong woman?

Diane Addonizio’s Bio

Diane Addonizio was born in 1962 in the Monmouth County town of Red Bank, New Jersey, U.S.A. Her exact birth date is not available. Addonizio majored in Classical Studies at the Villanova University, Pennsylvania, after which she received her Law Degree from the University of Southern California School of Law.

Diane met her future husband, Howie Long in the 1970s while they were both studying at Villanova University. Howie had invited her over to his place to watch an NFL game and they thereafter became friends. Not long after Long’s graduation in 1981, they tied the knot. The wedding took place on the 27th of June, 1982.

Addonizio has practiced her law profession owing to her marriage which took place before she started a career. She has, since after wedding, devoted her time to supporting her husband and taking care of her family. Diane is, however, not a total stay-at-home mom. She started a business to have a more flexible routine. She is also actively committed to charity.

Diane Addonizio’s Kids and Family

Diane Addonizio has three kids, all boys, with Howie Long. Their first son, Christoper “Chris” Long was born on 28th March 1985. Chris Long followed his father’s career path and played as a defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles after playing for the New England Patriots and St. Louis Rams. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia where he played college football. Chris, who retired from professional football in May 2019 is married to Megan O’Malley with a son. Just like his dad, Chris has also tried his hands in acting.

Diane’s second son, Kyle Long was born on 5th December 1988. He is also a professional footballer, playing as an offensive guard for the Chicago Bears since 2013. Kyle’s father had encouraged him towards baseball but he dropped the sport for football after being drafted by the White Sox post-high school.

Their last son, Howard Long Jr. was born in 1990. Howie Long Jr. is also involved in football but not as a player. He works as a personal assistant for the Oakland Raiders, his dad’s former team. He is also a sales consultant for the Las Vegas stadium-based Legends.

Diane Addonizio lives with her family in Virginia, United States. She gives her time to supporting her husband and kids in their respective careers, always watching their matches live and attending other important events with them.

Nevertheless, having all her kids as athletes definitely comes with its challenges. Diane’s husband once revealed in an interview how uneasy watching a game from a parent’s perspective could be, especially considering the possibility of severe injuries. The boys are however doing fine, so far. After all, their first son – Chris, has retired unscathed!

Facts About Howie Long’s Wife

1. Diane Addonizio is about two years younger than Howie Long who was born on 6th January, 1960. While at Villanova, Howie was a year ahead of Diane and the duo has been married for almost four decades.

2. Diane and her husband are practicing Catholics. They were both raised in the Roman Catholic faith.

3. Addonizio’s husband became a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2000. She attended the event alongside her three kids.

4. Diane is a reserved woman who loves to live her life away from media attention. She also prefers keeping her personal life private. She is, therefore, not publicly active on any of the popular social media platforms.

5. Diane Addonizio is a tall and slim woman. Despite standing at 5 feet 8 inches, Diane often appears small beside her husband and kids who all have huge frames and towering heights which range between 6.3 and 6.7 feet. She has long light/golden brown hair.