Who is Katie McGrath?

Katie is an Irish actress, perhaps best known for her roles as Morgana in the TV series “Merlin” (2008-2012) and as Lena Luthor in the TV series “Supergirl” (2016-2021), among several other notable roles she’s had in her career.

Katie McGrath Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Katie McGrath was born on 24 October 1983, in Ashford, Ireland, to parents Mary, a designer, and Paul McGrath, a computer engineer. She was raised in her hometown along with her older brothers Sean, an online media manager, and Rory, a post-production producer.

She attended St Andrew’s College before she enrolled at Trinity College, Dublin, from which she obtained a BA degree with a focus on Russian history.

Career Beginnings

McGrath began her career as a fashion journalist before making the switch to acting. She was hired by Image magazine, but it didn’t take long for Katie to make her acting debut.

Katie first worked as a wardrobe assistant on the set of “The Tudors”, before she was advised to try acting. After sending a few pictures to Irish agents, she made her debut as Rachel in the TV movie “Damage”.

Before making it big, she appeared in several minor roles, including as Bess in the TV series “The Tudors”.

Success on “Merlin”

McGrath’s breakthrough role came in 2008, when she was cast as Morgana Pendragon, one of the main characters in the British television series Merlin. The series retold the Arthurian legend, and followed the early years of Merlin and King Arthur.

McGrath initially auditioned for the role of Arthur’s love interest, Guinevere, but was instead cast as Morgana, the ward of King Uther Pendragon and Arthur’s half-sister. The role required McGrath to play a complex character who goes through a journey of self-discovery, and ultimately becomes a villain.

McGrath’s performance as Morgana was widely praised by both critics and audiences, and she became a fan favorite in the show. Her success helped to catapult her to international stardom, and led to her being cast in other high-profile projects.

McGrath’s co-stars on Merlin included Colin Morgan as Merlin, Bradley James as King Arthur, and Anthony Head as King Uther Pendragon. The show ran for five seasons from 2008 to 2012, and remains a popular cult favorite to this day.

While working on “Merlin”, Katie used her popularity to expand on other projects. In 2009 McGrath starred in a five-part docudrama for Channel 4 in 2009 entitled “The Queen”, in which she played a young Princess Margaret. The series explored the life of Queen Elizabeth II, and featured dramatized scenes alongside real-life footage and interviews with historians and experts.

Then in 2011, McGrath played the role of Lady Thelma Furness in the film “W.E.”, which was directed by Madonna. The movie was a romantic drama that explored the love affair between King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, and the impact it had on their lives and the British monarchy, while in 2012 she played the role of Oriane Congost in the television mini-series “Labyrinth”, an adaptation of the best-selling novel by Kate Mosse and followed two parallel storylines set in different time periods, co-starring Vanessa Kirby, John Hurt, Sebastian Stan and Tom Felton.

McGrath’s character, Oriane Congost, was a young noblewoman in 13th-century France, who becomes an ally to Alais and helps her in her quest to protect the Grail.

From 2013 to 2014, Katie McGrath played the role of Lucy Westenra in the television series “Dracula”, a period drama that reimagined the classic Bram Stoker novel, with Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the titular role.

McGrath’s character Lucy was a socialite and friend of Mina Murray, targeted by Dracula due to her striking resemblance to his long-lost love. McGrath’s performance as Lucy was praised by critics, despite the series lasting for only one season.

She returned to film roles in 2015, with two notable appearances. In “Jurassic World” she played the role of Zara Young, the personal assistant to the park’s operations manager. The film was a reboot of the popular “Jurassic Park” franchise, and it went on to become a box-office hit.

Then in “The Throwaways”, McGrath played the role of Gloria Miller, a computer hacker who is recruited by a government agent to help take down a cyber-criminal. The film was an action-comedy, and also starred Sam Huntington, James Caan, and Kevin Dillon.

Success as Lena Luthor

McGrath’s career-defining role came in 2016, when she was cast as Lena Luthor in the CW’s superhero series “Supergirl”. She began as a recurring character in season two, before being promoted to a main cast member in seasons three through six.

McGrath’s casting as Lena r was reportedly a last-minute decision by the show’s producers. The character was originally intended to be a one-off appearance, but McGrath’s performance impressed the producers, and they decided to expand her role.

Lena Luthor is a major character in the series, and her storyline centers around her complicated relationship with her brother Lex Luthor, as well as her involvement with the technology company L-Corp. Throughout the series, Lena struggles with her family’s legacy of villainy and her own desire to be a force for good.

McGrath’s portrayal of Lena Luthor was widely praised by critics and fans alike, and she quickly became one of the most popular characters in the show. Her character’s popularity led to the creation of “Supercorp” fandom, which ships Lena with the show’s titular character, Supergirl.

She wasn’t very active in pursuing other roles while on “Supergirl”, but still appeared in the fantasy adventure film “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”. Directed by Guy Ritchie, the movie was a retelling of the classic Arthurian legend and starred Charlie Hunnam as the titular character.

In the film, McGrath played the role of Elsa, a mage and member of the resistance against the tyrannical rule of King Vortigern, with Jude Law in the role.

Furthermore, she starred in the Australian drama series “Secret Bridesmaids’ Business”, playing the role of Saskia de Merindol, a successful lawyer and close friend of the show’s protagonist, Melanie (played by Abbie Cornish). The story follows a group of friends as they navigate the ups and downs of love and marriage, and Katie was widely praised for her performance, and she quickly garnered honors of being one of the highlights of the series.

Most recently, Katie is set to star in the upcoming TV mini-series “The Continental: From the World of John Wick”, scheduled to premiere late in 2023.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Katie McGrath’s net worth is estimated at $5 million, as of early 2023.

Personal Life, Dating, Boyfriend, Married, Single?

When it comes to Katie’s personal life, she is very secretive about it. In the past, she was linked to Jonathan Rhys Meyers, but they never actually confirmed what would have been a short fling.

According to reports, she dated Irish film, television and theater actor Colin Morgan in 2010. However, this also hasn’t been verified.

Most recently, she has been linked to Sam Witwear, but according to some sources, Katie is single and focused on her career.

Appearance and Body Measurements

Katie McGrath is known for her raven black hair and piercing green eyes. She stands at a height of 5ft 5ins (1.66m), weighs approximately 135lbs (61kgs), with vital statistics of 36-25-37, and bra size 34B.