Death Of Atlanta Based Wigmaker And Hair Stylist Micah Da Mac Prompts Wave Of Tributes

Micah Da Mac death from illness has been reported on several social media profiles. However, there is no doubt that this might be a new scam from Wigmaker this time.

Micah Da Mac, one of the infamous Wigmakers from Atlanta, USA, has been reported to have passed away on 4 July.

Micah is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, and has several aliases. He constantly changes his identity to scam people into selling hair products.

Atlanta: Micah Da Mac Death From An Illness

Micah Da Mac died from an illness, according to the news feeds on Twitter. However, there has not been concrete information on his death cause.

Micah has been defrauding many people can be found by searching for him on Instagram with the hashtags Micah the Scammer, Micah Damac, and Micah the Fraud.

Mac had long and distinctive hair; his followers were influenced by his long hair, precisely the wig he wore, and he placed numerous orders for it.

He died at a young age, followed by an illness.

One of the Twitter posts reads, “Rest in peace, friend. This was one of the last few pictures we took at a Halloween party a few years back.”

Furthermore, it added, “I wish we would have taken more recent ones. 2022 has officially been harder than ever. Rest up, my friend. I pray your soul is now at true peace.”

What Happened To Micah Hair Stylist, Wigmaker?

Hair Stylist and Wigmaker Micah Da Mac died from an illness at a young age. Meanwhile, the rumors are only filled up on Instagram and Twitter.

Micah did sell the wig, influencing people on social media posts. According to an Instagram comment, his partner posted about his death.

The comment reads, “I don’t know his fiancé posted it saying too on TikTok about his death.”

Similarly, another comment suggests, “Wow! I wish I had seen this and looked him up before. He got me for almost 400.”

Kept telling me it would take 7-14 business days! Blocked me on the cash app and from being able to comment on his Instagram! Wow! Karma is a b*tch, though, so he will definitely get his!”

There are mixed views on Micah’s death and his scamming. Rest in Peace, Micah Da Mac.