Dayton Whiteman Roller Coaster Accident And Death, What Happened?

What Was The Cause Of Death Of Dayton Whiteman?

Dayton Whiteman died as he got hit by a fast-moving roller-coaster.

The coroner confirmed that Whiteman was looking for his cell phone. The park confirmed Young’s death in a statement.

“At 5 pm, a guest entered the restricted fenced area of ​​Raptor and was attacked by a drive,” Cedar Point tweeted. “Our thoughts and prayers are with families,”

Young was 45, said Phil Frost of the Sandusky Police Department.

“He jumped over the fence into the exclusion zone under the raptor and was looking for his belongings,” Frost said at his press conference.

What Happened To Dayton Whiteman?

Dayton Whiteman was a 45-year-old man who lost his phone in an amusement park. He wanted to get it back so he jumped over a fence in a restricted area. It was a bad idea, once he picked up his phone, Roller Coaster was going very fast and directly hit his face soon after jumping the fence.

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Dayton Whiteman Case And Arrests

We have no information regarding the further case of Dayton Whiteman.

When the Raptor opened in 1994, it wasn’t the most famous roller coaster at Cedar Point, but it could be the Millennium Force, but it was reportedly the longest and tallest reverse roller coaster in the world. You can reach speeds of about 57 mph. It was also the fastest in the so-called “cobra roll”.

Opened over 20 years ago, Raptor has experienced few reported accidents. A teenager fainted while driving in 2009 and went to the hospital.

Earlier this year, according to Cedar Point, the man suffered a leg injury in an attempt to “break through an already closed security gate.”

Dayton Whiteman Autopsy Report

Until now, police haven’t revealed the autopsy report of Dayton Whiteman. As his face was hit by the coaster, his head may have a serious injury and that was the cause of his death.

After this incident, people are much more aware of their life and the rules and regulations that they need to follow when going on a ride.

This is not the only case when an accident occurs. there were such cases previously as well. However, due to the carelessness of the people, the accident happened again.