Daniel Elena Lopez Motive and Wikipedia – Who Is Denver Lakewood Shooting Suspect?

Denver Lakewood Shooting suspect has been identified as Daniel Elena Lopez. Watch the video of her open shooting in the Burlington store below.

Daniel Elena Lopez is a woman from Los Angeles. She was fatally shot by the Police inside a North Hollywood Burlington store.

On Thursday, December 23, 2021, an open shooting took place at the store. Following this, a 14-year-old girl also lost her life.

As identified by the police, Lopez is said to have criminal history in the past. Get to know more about her in the article below.

Who is Daniel Elena Lopez? Wikipedia

Daniel Elena Lopez is a 24-year-old woman. The LA police have reported, she is believed to have a criminal history in the past.

As of now, she is the prime suspect in the North Hollywood shooting case.

She reportedly started an open fire in the Burlington store and attacked several of the shoppers.

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Lopez was seen assaulting a woman with a bicycle lock in the store when police had arrived at the scene.

As for her criminal history, Elena has been charged with car theft several times.

The NY Times has mentioned, she has also been seen carrying a loaded weapon in public as a felon.

In August 2020, the crazy woman was charged with domestic battery, car theft and recklessly fleeing the police.

She was pleaded guilty and sentenced to two years in state prison the following year.

Currently, the LA police are yet to reveal more personal details about her. Till then we could only gather the above-mentioned details.

Daniel Elena Lopez Denver Shooting Suspect From Facebook Video

On Monday, Dec 27, 2021, Police have released a shooting video that has uncovered the whole incident.

In the video, Daniel Elena Lopez is seen attacking several shoppers. She was carrying a heavy-duty cable lock.

During the search for the open shooter, Police had discovered a girl who was struck by gunfire at the scene.

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The girl who died in the incident was Valentina Orellana-Peralta. She was a teenager of age 14 years old.

Valentina was killed by a stray bullet fired by an LAPD officer following the incident. She was there for shopping with her mother.

The video also showed frightened shoppers running out of the shop as police made their way.

What Is Daniel Elena Lopez Religion And Nationality?

Daniel Elena Lopez’s nationality is American, who probably follows the Christian religion. Nevertheless, such details have not been covered anywhere.

As seen in the footage, Lopez is a large woman. She was terrorizing the people before the police had arrived at the scene.

However, her mugshot and face photographs are yet to be revealed by the LA police.

Daniel Elena Lopez Parents And Ethnicity Details

Details about Daniel Elena Lopez’s parents, husband, or children are yet to reach the Internet.

As seen in the video, Lopez seems like a lady from a Mixed ethnicity race.