Daniel Cherry Net Worth 2022 and Beef With Kanye West

Kanye West is unhappy with the Adidas GM, Daniel Cherry, whose net worth is around a few hundred thousand.

As popular and globally recognized as he is, Kanye West never fails to make headlines regarding his beef with other people.

A few weeks after West posted fake death news directed at Pete Davidson for the breakup with his former wife, Kim Kardashian, Kanye is again in the limelight. The reason for the headline is his beef with someone who is an Adidas executive.

According to TMZ, West directed a few posts toward the Adidad GM Daniel Cherry III and is praying for his downfall. The source further mentions that the American rapper is unhappy with how the executive is trying to take over his Yeezy brand.

The global superstar seems pretty upset with the manager’s work and is discussing with the brand to make sure that the man loses his job. Continue reading to learn about the beef and the man who has upset the rapper.

What Is Daniel Cherry Net Worth?

Based on his salary and career, we expect Daniel Cherry III’s net worth to be around $500k.

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He currently works as the Senior vice president and general manager of Adidas in the United States, a reputed position. According to Indeed, an average vice president of the Adidas company makes an annual revenue of around $260,820.

So, Cherry must make at least around $260k per year from his current job. Furthermore, he previously worked as the SVP at DC Comics, which also averages an annual salary of $236,762, per Glassdoor.

From these earning details, it is pretty clear that Daniel has been a successful executive throughout his career and must have accumulated pretty good wealth. Nonetheless, the official verification of his net worth remains pending to date.

Daniel Cherry Beef With Kanye West Explored: What Happened Between The Two?

Daniel Cherry’s beef with Kanye West is undergoing as the rapper thinks the executive is trying to hijack his Yeezy brand.

Things started heating up this week when Kanye was seemingly upset over a feeling that he feels he is being iced out of managing his brand, reports TMZ. He owns the rights of the Yeezy brand with Adidas and has worked with the company for a long time.

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So, it is normal for him to feel upset if he suddenly knows about the company trying to get rid of him. Amid this ongoing confusion, Kanye thinks that the man involved in the plot is the SVP Cherry.

In response, the rapper has lashed out against the executive and has spoken multiple times against the man. In recent hours, Kanye has shared several memes and posts about Daniel on Instagram and recently said that he won’t stop until the employee gets fired or he resigns himself.

Daniel Cherry Wife And Children

Daniel Cherry is a married man and has a loving wife by his side.

Celebseek further reports that Cherry and his spouse also share two children. However, neither his wife nor children’s identity and other specifications is known to the media and outsiders.

As a University of Pennsylvania graduate, Daniel has achieved good things in his career and has maintained a good family life where he primarily provides for his family. The man is considered close to his family and shares a good bond with them.