Cynthia Bailey on Possible ‘RHOA’ Return amid Divorce: ‘I Truly Feel I’m in My Next Chapter’

Cynthia Bailey isn’t arranging a re-visitation of unscripted television any time soon.

The Genuine Housewives of Atlanta alum tells Individuals she’s forward searching in her profession — and, for the present, that does exclude a re-visitation of the Housewives establishment.

“I truly am 100% cheerful and zeroed in on my acting vocation,” she says. “I love that I actually become a piece of the Bravo family by being welcome to be a piece of BravoCon — the NBC family with a portion of different shows that I’ve done. I in all actuality do think of them as family.”

Indeed, even with a nearby Bravo relationship, the 55-year-old model and business person is deciding to seek after different roads.

“For the present, I actually really feel like this is my next part. I’m in my next part. This is where I’m at.”

Bailey isn’t shutting the entryway though.”I generally want to leave that entryway open. I don’t have the foggiest idea how I’ll feel in a year, you know,” she adds.

“The show is still around in a year, I won’t ever say never — in every case live in my reality, certainly not at this moment. I’m great.” On Tuesday, Bailey declared her separation from spouse of two years, Mike Slope. In a proclamation to Individuals, Bailey uncovered she has kept a dear kinship with Slope — however the pair had concluded they were as of now not sincerely viable.

“Albeit that excursion has reached a conclusion, I am so thankful for our proceeded with companionship, and the lovely recollections that we made together,” she said.

“God willing, I will find love in the future. Whatever is bound to be, will be; and I was unable to be more energized for my next section!”

Since the declaration, Bailey has sensed a flood of adoration from her RHOA companions and fans. She talked with appreciation for where she’s at throughout everyday life — even while handling her separation. “I’m simply so honored and appreciative that I’ve had this life. I awaken consistently and I squeeze myself,” she says.

“The affection that I’ve gotten en route, similar to even following a separation. My telephone has been ringing day in and day out. The texts have been coming day in and day out.

You know, my Instagram’s been exploding day in and day out. So I feel exceptionally honored,” she shares. “It feels better to have individuals need to see you win and need to see you blissful and, and that are pulling for you. So I’m not dialing back any time soon. I will keep on zeroing in on my acting vocation, and I will keep on cherishing myself and welcome love anyway it comes to me.”

Bailey backed away from RHOA in 2021. Since, she’s showed up in a small bunch of acting ventures, including the Lifetime film Horrible Guidance, film The Stepmother and television series Dread Lake Drive and Single Alcoholic Female. Bailey is additionally scheduled to show up in the impending BET films Bloom and Impaired, she told Individuals.

Prior to leaving RHOA, Bailey likewise showed up in Peacock’s 2021 Christmas film Housewives of the North Pole featuring Kyle Richards.

“The last time I watched What Happens Live, I was giggling with Andy [Cohen] and he was saying that he sees a greater amount of me now as an entertainer than he did as a Housewife on the show,” Bailey snickers. She added she’s “unquestionably unassuming and thankful for the valuable open doors that being separated of The Genuine Housewives of Atlanta stage has given to me.”

From the Bravo series, Bailey acquired help in her different undertakings.

“The seeds that I planted before I continued …  I’ve been working quite a while, and I think as long as you keep on sticking with it and accomplish the work, entryways will continuously keep on opening for you, particularly on the off chance that you regard and develop connections en route. Individuals really pull for you.”

Through everything, Bailey has showed up as herself. Unscripted television offered Bailey the chance to acquaint the world with her character. Through it, she’s common the ups and downs in her day to day existence. “You all had Cynthia Bailey the model, Cynthia Bailey the truth star, and presently you folks have Cynthia Bailey the entertainer,” she adds.

“Also, I feel so honored to have the option to continue to compose these sections of my life. You know? All in all, the book is as yet composed. Like, I feel like I’m continuously discussing my next section. Presently I’m going into even, even into another section, you know, you know, this adoration part must be finished sooner or later.”

Bailey included she’ll concentrate composing a book sooner rather than later, to catch every last bit of it on paper.

Presently, however, Bailey is venturing into the shoes of any other person. As Bailey arrives at another sort of notoriety, she’s prepared to abandon portions of her television persona.

Her “new section” begins with the capacity to form her on-screen presence — for this situation, by means of acting jobs that let her step completely into fiction.

“I love that I don’t need to be me,” she says. “You know, the truth star, the model, both of those vocations I actually must be me.

What’s more, it’s simply so enjoyable to get away from myself and have the option to change and change into another person — live as a person — as something else altogether.

Changing in that way is so energizing.” Bailey says she didn’t anticipate that her prosperity should come so rapidly and is in wonder of her chances.

“So I’ll currently be going into 2023 advancing two tasks,” she says. “It’s working out. Furthermore, the insane thing is I haven’t been doing it that long.

Like, I in a real sense, you know, I simply recall pushing send on my telephone to post my declaration that I wouldn’t do the Housewives.

And afterward I got on a plane the following day and I traveled to L.A. furthermore, I simply never thought back.”

Bailey was in any event, able to begin once again completely, saying, “I genuinely was ready to, you know, remain in classes for, you know, about a year. I was truly ready to simply be this striving entertainer for a year and find a parttime line of work at the Starbucks on the off chance that I needed to. I was truly prepared to do that assuming I expected to do that.”

In any case, she likely will not be throwing espresso beans any time soon — she’s now feeling the victories from her time in Hollywood.

“I was simply met with was such a lot of energy and love. Individuals were eager to work with me. What’s more, that is a gift.”

Part of the justification for her acknowledgment in Hollywood might be Bailey’s disposition about acclaim. “Once more, I think lowliness is the best thing.

I’m not a diva. I’ve never been a diva. I come prepared to accomplish the work, and I regard the cycle. What’s more, I believe that goes quite far.”