Cult Pastor Kevin Smith Death News Surfaces, Is Cult Pastor Really Dead?

Cult pastor Kevin Smith Jamaica has reportedly died in a car crash on October 25, 2021. Is it true?

Kevin Smith is a cult pastor and self-proclaimed prophet who had been in the news for his controversial views and prophecies in the past.

A few weeks ago, he was arrested after two people were killed in an alleged human sacrifice.

One of the victims was a 39-year-old office worker Tanecka Gardner while the other victim’s identity is not yet identified.

Now, the news of his sudden death has surfaced online. Is the cult pastor Kevin Smith really dead or is it just a hoax?

Is Kevin Smith Jamaica Dead? Cult Pastor Death Hoax

According to, Kevin Smith Jamaica has supposedly died in a fiery car crash that took place on Monday morning, October 25.

The cult pastor was being held on Montego Bay in relation to the case of the human sacrifice from a few weeks ago.

The authorities were transferring him from Montego Bay to CIB headquarters in downtown Kingston in an unmarked police vehicle when the incident happened.

Smith and a policeman died in the accident while three other police officers were injured. His body was found beside the body of the dead policeman.

He was wearing a blue shirt at the time of his death.

A picture of him from the said accident has already started circulating on social media where he is seen lying on a stretcher.

One Twitter user said,  “Kevin Smith died/injured on the day he’s supposed to be charged/transferred. In Jamaica? This spooky country.”

While another user tweeted, “The investigation should continue. I think there’s a lot to uncover.”

However, no other verified media sources have confirmed his death news.

Details On Kevin Smith Wife & Family

Information regarding Kevin Smith’s wife and family is not available on the web as the cult pastor has not shared any details about them on social media.

Smith described himself as a prophet and had conservative beliefs regarding the world; however, he never talked about his family members or his background with his followers.

So, at this point, it’s uncertain if he was even married to a wife and had a family.

Kevin Smith Wikipedia- Why Was He Arrested?

Kevin Smith was arrested a few weeks ago for his involvement in the death of two people during an alleged human sacrifice procedure.

Smith and his 41 other supporters were arrested in>New York Post, they reportedly slit the throat of Tanecka Gardner.

After Gardner, another man also had his throat slit to get rid of impure blood. On the day of the murder, Smith told his followers to dress in white, wrap their cellphones in tin foil, and leave the devices at home before heading to church.

Kevin Smith Net Worth Explored In 2021

The verified net worth of Kevin Smith is not disclosed as of now.

He was a pastor so he probably collected a few hundred thousand dollars over the years.