Clayton Oliver Partner Sophie Harmer Age Difference and Dating Life

Clayton Oliver and his partner Sophie Harmer have made appearances on the red carpet.

Oliver is an Australian rules footballer representing the Melbourne Football Club in the Australian Football League. He is a midfielder noted for his ability on the inside owing to his handball and clearance work. He is pretty good at both of these things.

The footballer toiled to play in the TAC Cup in 2014 and was not selected to participate in the AFL Under 18 Championships in 2015. He did not achieve his full ability until much later in his junior career.

Name Clayton Oliver
Nickname Clarry
Date of Birth 22 July 1997
Professional Debut 2016
Birthplace Shepparton, Victoria
Nationality Australian
Father Stephen Oliver
Partner Sophie Harmer
Twitter Handle @ClaytonOliver16

As a consequence of his accomplishments, while playing for the Murray Bushrangers in 2015, which included winning best and fairest for both the league and the Murray Bushrangers, Melbourne selected him with the fourth overall pick in the 2015 AFL draft.

He is now playing with the Melbourne Demons. His performance in his first season, 2016, helped him earn consideration for the Rising Star award. After completing his second season in the AFL, the AFL coaches voted him to be the league’s best young player.

Who Is Clayton Oliver’s Partner?

Clayton Oliver has been in a relationship with Sophie Harmer for many years.

It would appear that the pair has been together for a total of four years at this point. Oliver posts many images to his Instagram account that he and his girlfriend have taken together.

However, because Sophie prefers to keep her personal and professional lives separate, there is no information available about any of these aspects of her life.

Additionally, in 2019, the pair appeared on the red carpet for the Brownlow Medal. Sophie wore a stunning lilac color that made her look gorgeous.

Oliver Had A Prosperous Beginning To His Career Before AFL

During the early 2000s, when the Brisbane Lions were competing for the premiership, Oliver became a team fan.

Clayton Began His Football Career From The Goulburn Valley Football League

In 2014, he participated in the Goulburn Valley Football League for the senior side of the Mooroopna Football Club and was named the Rising Star of the league. However, in the same season, he had difficulty playing for the Bendigo Pioneers side in the TAC Cup and ended up playing in only three matches for that team.

In 2015, he relocated from Echuca to Mooroopna in order to be closer to his school, the Goulburn Valley Grammar School in Shepparton. After that, he was urged to join the Murray Bushrangers for the TAC Cup season that year.

He Could Not Join The AFL Under 18 Championships Due To Osteitis Pubis

As a result of his osteitis pubis, Victoria County could not select him for the 2015 AFL Under 18 Championships.

Following a slow start to the TAC Cup season, it was predicted that he would have a low chance of being drafted in the 2015 AFL draft. He missed the opportunity to play for Victoria County at those championships.

His original objectives were to begin his studies in radiography at a university in 2016 and then to compete in the Victorian Football League in order to increase his chances of being drafted by the AFL.

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After An Outstanding TAC Cup Performance, Oliver Was Picked For The Richmond’s VFL Team

Oliver’s TAC Cup form significantly improved when playing two matches for them, leading to his being picked to play for the Richmond Football Club’s VFL team in July.

Oliver’s TAC Cup form improved after he was selected to play for the Richmond Football Club’s VFL side. He ended with fifteen votes, more than the Eastern Ranges striker Darcy Crocker and the Northern Knights midfielder Jade Gresham combined.

He got fourteen votes in the remaining nine rounds, giving him fifteen votes. In addition, the TAC Cup team of the year named him to the interchange spot on the squad. The Morrish Medal is awarded to the player deemed to be the best and fairest player in the TAC Cup.

To win the Morrish Medal, he must receive fifteen votes. In addition, he was awarded the John Byrne Medal for being the best and fairest player on the Murray Bushrangers team, earning eight votes ahead of Murray Waite.

Following his victories in the Morrish Medal and John Byrne Medal competitions, it was anticipated that he would be selected among the top twenty-five players in the draft.

He was invited to participate in the national draft combine, and because of his strong showings in the agility test, the 20-meter time trial, and the three-kilometer time trial, his chances of being selected in the top 10 have increased significantly.

After the Melbourne Football Club expressed significant interest in him in the days leading up to the draft, he was nominated to be selected in the top five in the weeks following the selection. He was referred to as the “draft bolter” in the weeks following the draft.

Oliver Shone As An Outstanding Player In The AFL

In 2016, Oliver Clayton was picked up by the AFL after being drafted.

The player was chosen in the very first round of selections by the Melbourne Football Club. Oliver’s performance in his first game, in which they won by two points despite Greater Western Sydney’s opposition, included twenty-two disposals, which was highly successful. He turned in an outstanding performance during his first half.

Oliver had 36 disposals, 11 tackles, and nine clearances during the 2017 season. He also had 1 goal during the year. Because of his outstanding performance in the league, Oliver was talked about as a possible candidate for the Brownlow Medal by the time the second half of the season rolled around. By the eighth round of the competition, he had established himself as the best player in the league.

22under22 team 2017, 2018, 2019
Morrish Medal 2015
AFL Rising Star nominee 2016
AFLCA Best Young Player Award 2017
Lou Richards Medal 2021, 2022
Frank Checker Hughes Medal 2022
Harold Ball Memorial Trophy 2017
Keith Bluey Truscott Medalist 2017, 2019, 2021
All-Australian Team 2018, 2021, 2022
AFLCA Champion Player of the Year 2021, 2022
AFL Premiership Player 2021
Neale Daniher Trophy 2022
Category Year

Oliver participated in every single handball game throughout the 2017 season, which was not just the most handballs played by any player in the league but also a new record for the most handballs played in a season. Oliver participated in 25 games during the 2018 season and finished the year with 12 goals for the season.

During the course of his career, Oliver had a total of 734 disposals, 168 tackles, and 405 disputed possessions. At this point, Clayton is regarded as one of the finest players in the league and the number one player of 2021.

Career Stats
Season Team No. Games Goals Marks Tackles Votes
2016 Melbourne 13 13 6 25 62 3
2017 Melbourne 13 22 4 68 152 12
2018 Melbourne 13 25 12 87 168 13
2019 Melbourne 13 22 4 82 139 12
2020 Melbourne 13 17 3 57 92 14
2021 Melbourne 13 25 11 89 136 31
2022 Melbourne 13 21 3 76 106 30
Career 145 43 484 855 115
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In 2021, he was recognized as the best player in the AFL premiership and received the McClelland Trophy. His achievements now include the Neale Daniher Trophy, which he won only recently in 2022. In addition to this, he was named to the All-Australian squad and received the AFLCA Champion Player of the Year Award this year.

Oliver Faced A Rough Situation On The Field

During the semifinal match, there was an altercation that took place between Clayton Oliver and Jarrod Berry.

During their off-the-ball wrestling match, it seemed as though Berry made contact with the face of Clayton Oliver. During the third quarter of Brisbane’s victory in the semifinals, Berry pushed Oliver to the ground after he got rid of the ball. This caused the two to become tangled up in the center of the field, and it occurred during the game.

When the player from Brisbane grabbed Oliver’s face and looked to catch him in the eye, Oliver was on top of Berry and had his arm near Berry’s neck. Berry was also lying on top of Oliver. Because the AFL Tribunal overturned Jarrod Berry’s one-match suspension, the midfielder will be able to participate in the preliminary final that will be played on Friday night against Geelong.

Berry Appealed Against The Decision

Berry was appealing a finding that he made “unreasonable or unnecessary touch” to Clayton Oliver’s eye region, which was categorized as purposeful behavior with low impact and high contact.

Match Review Officer Michael Christian made the ruling.
Berry’s actions were neither deliberate nor irresponsible, according to the Lions, who were represented by Adrian Anderson, who maintained that the contact made with Oliver’s eye region was unintentional.

As a character reference, Brisbane enlisted the assistance of former player and Hawthorn champion Luke Hodge, while the club also enlisted the assistance of a neurosurgeon.

The Australian Football League, which was represented in court by Nick Pane KC, maintained that Berry was aware of where Oliver’s eyes were when he made contact with Oliver.

Hodge talked highly of Berry’s commitment to improving not just himself but also the performance of his teammates, and he categorically disputed that Berry would ever make contact on purpose with the eye region of an opponent.

In his testimony, Berry stated that he felt in danger during the incident and was only attempting to get Oliver off of him.
Following a half-hour deliberation, the Tribunal concluded that Berry’s conduct was neither irrational nor uncalled for in light of the circumstances.

Berry Will Be Allowed To Play

In addition, the Tribunal stated that even if Berry’s actions were deemed unreasonable or unnecessary, the conduct would have been downgraded from intentional to careless, resulting in a fine. Furthermore, the Tribunal stated that even if Berry’s actions were to be deemed unreasonable or unnecessary, the conduct would have resulted in a fine.

How Rich Is Clayton Oliver?

Oliver has a net worth of $5 million in the year 2022.

His prominent source of payment comes from playing football professionally in Australia. In addition, his team pays him a salary that is equivalent to $700.000 every year.

In addition, he makes a respectable amount of money from various sponsors both in the country and outside the world. He just recently extended his enormous deal with his current club, Melbourne, by seven years and for an additional seven million dollars.

Clayton’s Endorsements

Through the AFL Player Sponsorship scheme, Oliver has secured several sponsorship arrangements. His platinum, gold, and silver sponsors all come from the same family: the Barlows. Also contributing to his financial support are bronze sponsors Justin Bourke, Anthony Rodbard-Bean, and Jack Tracey.