Claudinette Jean, Wyclef Jean’s Wife And Daughter Angelina Claudinelle Jean

Claudinette Jean is the wife of the Haitian rapper Wyclef Jean and the mother of their daughter Angelina Claudinelle Jean.

Claudinette Jean is the CEO and founder of Fushá Designs Inc., and she has a very strong administrative and operational background in a production-driven environment. She has worked in the fashion industry for over two decades.

Jean has consistently held Executive Operational Designs Management positions throughout her career. She also founded Fushá Village, a real estate company, in 2007. During the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Claudinette and her husband were one of the first people on the ground in Haiti less than 24hrs after the earthquake, collecting the bodies and transporting them to cemeteries.

She has been featured in several televisions and magazines.

Quick Facts

Full Name Claudinette Jean
Date of Birth August 7
Age 50 – 55 years
Spouse Wyclef Jean
Children Angelina Claudinelle Jean
Instagram @claudinettejean17

Wyclef Jean Wife Claudinette Jean And Their Married Life

Wyclef Jean and his wife Claudinette Jean exchanged their wedding vows on August 6, 1994, and they have been married for over two decades.

As per Wyclef’s memoir, he opened up about how he met his wife. He mentioned that he lied about his age to get her attention as Claudinette is older by a few years. When they met for the first time, Claudinette was an established model in New York.

To get her attention, Wyclef lied about his age and stated that he was 22 years old. When he was in a relationship with his wife, he also dated his bandmate Lauryn Hill at the same time; even though he married  Claudinette, he continued his relationship with Hill.

He chose his wife for stability after he faced betrayal from Hill. Wyclef and Claudinette’s relationship started to hit a rocky road as she found obscene pictures of Lisa Ellis on her husband’s phone.

She demanded to delete the pictures from his phone, and they restored their vows in 2009. They adopted a child Angelina Claudinelle Jean in 2009, and they have been seen publicly with their daughter.

Facts To Know About Wyclef Jean’ Wife Claudinette Jean

  • She celebrates her birthday on August 7, as she is older than her husband, so her age is around 50-55 years.
  • Claudinette and her family moved to the USA and settled in Newark, New Jersey, where she grew up with four brothers and one sister.
  • She went to college and enrolled in a medical line program, but she was more interested in stitching and fashion. Later she changed her course to fashion secretly, and her parents were unaware of her decision.
  • To pursue her fashion design career, she studied at Montclair State University, earning her Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Studies and Arts.
  • She founded Fusha Fashion Inc in 2000; her clients are mostly music industry artists, including Ja Rule, Mary J Blige, Whitney Houston, and many more.
  • Her work has been recognized in several magazines and TV shows such as E News, Newark Star-Ledger, Sister Sister, Ebony Fashion Magazine, Women Wear Daily, and many more.
  • She almost married someone else, but the plan failed as the man she was supposed to marry joined the airforce.