Chris Dawson Children: Meet Sherryn Dawson, Shanelle Dawson, Kristen Dawson

Christopher Michael Dawson is an Australian convicted murderer and former professional rugby league footballer who played in the 1970s.

Dawson has three children from two marriages. He has two children with his first wife Lynette Joy Dawson. Chris Dawson’s first two children with Lynette Dawson were Sherryn and Shanelle Dawson.

Dawson married Joanne Curtis, one of his former students, in 1984 after his first wife Lynette Joy Dawson vanished, but they divorced in 1993.

The couple had one child together. Kristen Dawson their daughter was born in 1985 a year after Chris and Joanne married.

Shanelle Dawson Christopher Michael Dawson’s first daughter who was only four years old when the traumatic event occurred, is now 44 years old and a mother herself.

Sherryn Dawson, the couple’s second daughter, was born in 1980 after Shanelle Dawson and is now 42 years old.

Shanelle and Sherryn Dawson are the same age. However, no other information about their current location can be found at this time.

Kristen, who is now in her 30s and has two young children, has remained on Sydney’s northern beaches. She lives near her mother and not far from where Chris and Lyn Dawson once lived.