Chandaliea Lowder Release Date Update: Murder Trial, Where Is She Today?

Chandaliea Lowder got released in January 2021 and there is a GoFundMe page to help her cover the court costs. 

Chandaliea Lowder is a mother of two children who served 18 years in prison for killing her child’s molester. Her story has been featured in a crime documentary ‘snapped’ last year. The episode got good ratings and audiences sympathized with the convicted killer.

Netizens are curious about where the selfless and brave mother is today. Here is an update on her whereabouts in 2022 and further life plans.

Chandaliea Lowder Release Date Update 2021

Chandaliea Lowder’s release date was January 2021. As she believed that Thomas Vogt Jr. sexually molested her 3-year-old, killed him. Everyone knew Lowder was extremely protective about her children and did not let an ounce hurt them.

However, the murder was quite shocking as the killed was a teenager. It is still a debate that was killing your daughter’s molester an obvious take or something that went too far.

She had shot Vogt with the help of two men Michael McDowell and Jason Sullivan, but the victim survived then. It was in 2008 when he died in Phoenix, Arizona doctors revealed that the cause death of death was the injury related to the shooting.

Chandaliea Lowder Murder Trial

Chandalia Lowder was charged with first-degree murder and served 18 years in jail. Nonetheless, the victim’s parents wanted the death penalty for the mother which was not approved by the prosecutors.

According to Vogt.’s father, it was the least they could ask for as parents. Even though he was not killed at the first, the shooting more or less made him a dead body with the breath. Going through stress and mental trauma for years, he finally gave his life.

With all this, it is not mentioned if the family had to say anything about the sexual assault on a little girl by their son.

Where Is Chandaliea Lowder Now?

Chandaliea Lowder is free now after completing her charges in 2021. There is a GoFundMe page for her where people are asking for help for her to survive her days ahead including for the court charges.

The page has been created by Melissa Martz, who is an advocate and a mother. With an emotional tagline, which tells you to fill up the mother’s shoes, the goal is to reach $26000 but unfortunately, only $1655 has been collected till now.