Caroline Margeridon Origine Parents: Where Are They From?

French antique dealer Caroline Margeridon’s mother was also an antique dealer based in Normandy, Honfleur.

Caroline Margeridon is a household name in the world of antique dealers. She has garnered significant fame thanks to her show Affaire Concluded on France 2.

The French businesswoman is passionate about antiques, particularly 18th-century French furniture. She has a website where she sells her collection.

The prominent buyer has been a part of the show “Affair Concluded” for several years. She will be absent from the France 2 TV show.

Following the news, there has been increasing curiosity about her personal life. So, today’s article is about the French antiques buyer’s parents, family and background.

Caroline Margeridon Origine Parents: Where Are They From?

Born on 29 September 1966, Carolina Margeridon is a daughter of an antique dealer.

She inherited her love for antiques from her mother, an antique dealer. Margeridon’s mother worked as an antique dealer in Normandy, Honfleur.

The information about her dad is yet to be made public. In addition, it is unclear where the Affaire Concluded star’s parents are from.

In her show, Caroline often talks about her mother’s relationship with Johnny Hallyday. It has been revealed that Caroline’s mom and Johnny Hallyday dated for three years before she was born.

After breaking up with Margeridon’s mother, Hallyday began dating the mother of his eldest child, Slyvie Vartan.

Caroline has also revealed her mother’s relationship with Johnny Hallyday in her autobiography; Soberly Called Libre! The book was released in November 2021.

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Why Is Caroline Margeridon Leaving France 2?

The famous buyer of Affaire Conclue, Caroline Margeridon, recently informed her fans that she would be absent from the France 2 show.

Caroline Margeridon has been a member of the Affaire Conclue team for many years. Since her first appearance on the show, the antique dealer has enjoyed a string of success.

Her appearance in the show has earned her enormous fame, which is evident through her social media followers. On 2 April 2023, she informed her fans that she was searching for gasoline in Paris.

Caroline stated that she would require it for the several journeys she intends to make this week.

Soon after, She informed her fans about the shoot she planned to direct in Carcassonne. In other words, she will be absent from her France 2 show.

However, the absence will not last long. The antique dealer will film in Carcassonne. She looked for fuel for this very reason. As reported by Next Plz, Caroline will return as soon as possible along with Sophie Davant.

Caroline Margeridon Has Her Travel Agency

In 2017, the 56-year-old antique buyer established the travel agency Mille & Une nuits Voyage. She also manages a gallery at Saint-Ouen’s Marché Biron.

She founded the security firm Alerte Sécurité Privée in 1992. The antique dealer seems to have garnered enormous fortune through her career.

Talking about her marital life, Caroline Margeridon was married to her husband, Gérald Mossé. They share two children – Victoire and Alexandre.

However, the couple parted ways a long time ago. The former pair’s children have grown up and are leading their life independently.

To conclude, Caroline Margeridon is a well-accomplished French antique dealer and businesswoman who has amassed enormous fame and fortune. Hopefully, the Affaire Concluded star will continue to accomplish more success in the coming days.

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