Carol Siskind Wikipedia: 10 Facts To Know About

Carol Siskind is an American actress and comedian who began her career in the 1980s. Siskind is known for her edgy and neurotic comedy, where she made fun of her own behavior. The New York Times, Newsweek, The Sunday Times of London, Mademoiselle, People Magazine, and many reputed magazines have featured Carol.

Siskind has appeared in a number of South Africa’s TV shows. She booked many high-end corporate events and has performed in almost every Las Vegas Strip clubs and casinos. Carol has two Showtime Specials on HBO.

Quick Facts: Carol Siskind Wikipedia: 10 Facts To Know About

Name Carol Siskind
Age 50-53
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Actress, Comedian
Instagram @carolsiskind

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Carol Siskind

  1. How old is Carol Siskind? The exact age, date of birth, and zodiac sign of Carol Siskind have not been revealed yet. By the looks of her pictures, Carol seems to be in her early 50s.
  2. Carol has an Instagram account with over 200 posts. Siskind usually uploads pictures of her dog and her sketches on her Instagram account. Carol has 205 followers on the social media platform.
  3. The net worth details of Carol Siskind along with the details of her salary and earnings have not been made public yet.
  4. Carol Siskind does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated to her as of yet. Carol’s bio can be read in a couple of Wiki-bio pages and her website.
  5. According to her IMDb page, Siskind’s notable work includes Abuse, The Lucie Arnaz Show, and Baywatch. She has also appeared in The Tonight Show, with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno.
  6. Who is she married to? The marital details of Carol Siskind have not been revealed. Siskind has not disclosed any details about her husband.
  7. Siskind lives a private life and has not revealed any details about her parents, family, siblings, children, and upbringing yet.
  8. Siskind has toured all over the United States, performed at major cities all over the world, and has been featured in numerous International media and prints.
  9. Carol has performed for over 38 years as she began her career in the 1980s, and has appeared in a number of TV shows.
  10. She is not present on other social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, and Youtube.