Camille Ramsey Biography, Age, Early Life, Education, Movies, Instagram

Camille Ramsey Bio

Camille Ramsey is a young Los Angeles based American actress who grew up dreaming about being on the silver screen. She would daydream and plan her future as she made her daily drive past the Warner Bros and Universal Studios.

Camille Ramsey Age

Ramsey was born on 11th November 1992. She has lived most of her life in Hollywood, Los Angeles in the US. She is 5’8” with long natural brown hair and hazel eyes & is of Irish & English descent.

Camille Ramsey Education

Camille studied at Campbell Hall, Los Angeles where she was drawn to performing arts at a very young age.  After high school, Camille Ramsey went on to study at California State University, Fullerton. However, one year into the program she already felt confident enough to take the leap into the professional stage studying in the “Michael Woolson Studio” and with “Stuart K. Robinson”.

Camille Ramsey Early Life

While there she enrolled in the Children’s Theatre Group of Southern California. It was on these 2 stages where she honed her dancing, singing, character development, and acting technique and soon started steadily landed leading roles.

Throughout her childhood, she spent 13 years in the study of ballet. Camille Ramsey feels that in her pursuit of studying the performing arts on a professional level she has found the insight and challenges that she needed to succeed.

Camille Ramsey Movies

  • Played the part of “Laura” in an episode of the TV comedy series “Dream Corp LLC” in 2018.
  • However, she is best known for her role as “Mackenzie Wagner” or “Mack” in the Netflix original TV series “American Vandal” in 2017.
  • She played the role of “Esther” in the 2017 short movie “Groupie”.
  • Played “Sarah McLaurie” in the TV series “My Sister and I”.

Why the cast of American Vandal looks so familiar

Netflix’s American Vandal was a delightful surprise, an extended dick joke that showed that it could be far more than just what it showed on the surface through a compelling mystery and a deeply honest portrayal of what it means to be an American teenager in the social media age. Those who have binge-watched the series already probably noticed how familiar some of the show’s talented young cast looked.

Here’s where you’ve seen the cast of American Vandal before. Tyler Alvarez leads the Netflix series, although you won’t see him very often his Peter is usually the man behind the camera. However, as Peter begins to get deeper into the case and begins to pop up on screen more, viewers may start to realize that they’ve seen Alvarez somewhere.

The young actor’s most notable appearance was on another Netflix series, Orange Is the New Black, where he played Gloria’s son Benny. Although Benny spent most of season five in a coma, he did have memorable appearances earlier on in the series as he dealt with his own troubles outside of Litchfield. Younger viewers may recognize Alvarez from his role on the Nickelodeon telenovela Every Witch Way, on which he starred for four seasons.

His character, Diego Rueda, crossed over to the fellow Nick series Talia in the Kitchen, and he has also booked appearances in the Lifetime movie High School Lover and the short film Brothers in Arms. Alvarez has already capitalized on his breakout moment, too—he is next set to appear in the James Franco-directed The Pretenders, opposite Juno Temple and Jane Levy.

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