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Camila Rodrigues Biography | Camila Rodrigues Nefertari

Camila Rodrigues (Camila Minosso Rodrigues) is a Brazilian actress and a model. She is mainly known for her main work as Nefertari, wife of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II in the novel The Ten Commandments.

She also starred in the series King David in 2012. She has also played roles in other plays like America.

Camila Rodrigues Age

Camila was born in Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil on 23rd August, 1983. She is 35 years as of 2018.

Camila Rodrigues E Bruno Gagliasso | Camila Rodrigues Roberto Costa

Camila is in long term relationship with Ighor Payola. Their realtionship started in 2016. Before that she was in a second relationship with businessman Roberto Costa. Their marriage lasted for only four years. However she was married to her ex-husband Bruno Gagliasso, with whom she lived for two years. Asked whether she feels internal pressure to make her current relationship work.

She said, “I think not. I’m romantic with life and I have a problem: I usually forget things. I simply delete it. Of course a term is always difficult, but I only have good memories of the union with Bruno. With Beto, I came unpretentious for the relationship. We dated, he asked me to marry him and it happened. The stories do not repeat themselves. For me, it’s like the first marriage,”

Her relationship with Bruno ended after she insinuated that Bruno had betrayed her with Giovanna Ewbank, the actor’s current wife.

Camila Rodrigues’ Photo

Camila Rodrigues Nua

The actress Camila Rodrigues , the eternal “Nefertari” of “The Ten Commandments” of Record Tv surprised everyone by posting a photo of a rehearsal there in 2018. The photos are part of the project “Pele Project” art, poetry and equality with book and exhibition idealized by photographer Brunno Rangel and with artistic direction of Ma Feitosa.

Camila Rodrigues Movies and TV Shows


Year Piece Character
2006 Aldeia dos Ventos Princess Desirée
2006 Summer Kisses clear
2007 The prom Amelia
2008 Life by the sea Rose
2010-11 Decameron – The Sex Comedy Nilda Ferreira
2013 Little Love Dictionary Marta
2015 Men Do not Menstruate Elanda


Ano Film Character
2006 The Knight Didi and Princess Lili Princess Lili (adult)
2013 The Strangest Girl In The World Herself
2016 The Ten Commandments: The Movie Nefertari
O Último Virgem


Year Title Character Notes
2017 Belaventura Carmona Montebelo e Luxemburgo
2016 Sem Volta Juliana
2015 Os Dez Mandamentos Nefertari
2014 Plano Alto Melissa
2014 Milagres de Jesus Ioná Episode: The Cure of the Paralytic of Capernaum
2013 Tá Tudo em Casa Ritinha Special New Year’s Eve
2013 José do Egito Tamar
2012 Rei Davi Merabe First job at Rede Record
2009 Domingão do Faustão Herself First and Last Table
2008 Malhação Teresa
2007 Desejo Proibido Guilhermina Mendonça
2007 Amazônia, de Galvez a Chico Mendes Ciça
2006 Sítio do Picapau Amarelo Fada Lua
2006 Dom Manu Special New Year’s Eve
2005 América Mariana (Mari

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