Brian Daboll Net Worth [Update 2022]: How Rich Is New York Giants Head Coach?

Brian Daboll has made a whopping net worth from the NFL as a player and a coach. In addition, he has a good contract and salary structure from his current team.

The National Football League’s New York Giants head coach is Brian Daboll. He is a Canadian-born American football coach and a former football player in the NFL.

He played as an offensive coordinator during his active days and has appeared for the Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs, Alabama Crimson Tide, and Buffalo Bills in the past.

After his playing career, he became a coach. From 2000 to 2006 and 2013 to 2016, Daboll worked as an assistant coach for the New England Patriots.

On January 28, 2022, Daboll was appointed as the 20th head coach of the New York Giants. He beat the Tennessee Titans 21-20 in his first game in charge of the team.

Quick Facts

Wife Beth Daboll
Hometown Welland, Ontario, Canada
Occupation New York Giants Head Coach
Birth name Brian Daboll

Brian Daboll Net Worth In 2022: Salary, Assets, And Career Earnings

Brian Daboll has raised a net worth of around 1.5 million dollars as of 2022. In addition, he has a high salary and assets, which have uplifted his career earnings.

The football coach is expected to raise his salary and contract from the New York Giants compared to his previous pay structures. He had a salary of more than $1 million yearly from his previous agreements.

After two years left on his three-year contract and receiving a bonus for winning the national title, Daboll transferred from the University of Alabama to the Buffalo Bills.

Public records show that Daboll’s contract went into effect on February 20, 2017, and it was supposed to last through February 29, 2020. After that, he was expected to make $1.2 million annually.

Alabama’s assistants received bonuses totaling $1.27 million for winning the national championship. The listed bonus for Daboll was $216,000. With a prize of $234,000, only defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt received more money.

While holding the same position at Alabama, Daboll’s annual compensation of $1.2 million is in the midst of those of Lane Kiffin ($1.4 million) and Steve Sarkisian ($1 million).

What Was Brian Daboll Early Life Like?

Brian Daboll spent most of his early life in Canada as he was born and raised there. He was reared by his grandparents in adjacent West Seneca, a Buffalo, New York suburb, after being born in Welland, Ontario, Canada.

Daboll played football and went to Saint Francis High School in Athol Springs, New York. Dave Caldwell, a future NFL front office official, and future coach Brian Polian were his colleagues then.

He was a football letterman and a two-year starter at the University of Rochester. Daboll received an economics degree at graduation.

In 1997, the College of William & Mary hired Daboll as a restricted earnings coach. From 1998 to 1999, he worked as a graduate assistant at Michigan State University.

At 24, Daboll joined the New England Patriots as a defensive coaching assistant in 2000, working for then-new head coach Bill Belichick. This was the start of his NFL coaching career.

In 2002, Daboll, a personnel assistant for the Patriots, was elevated to wide receivers coach after Josh McDaniels was promoted to defensive assistant. He left the Patriots after the 2006 campaign to become the Jets’ quarterbacks coach.

Brian Daboll Wife: Is The Football Coach Married?

Brian Daboll shares a happy married life with his wife, Beth Daboll. They are also parents to their children.

Beth Daboll is prejudiced about her husband’s career. However, she is married to Daboll, and they have had six children and had an excellent relationship since their 2009 wedding.

However, Beth Daboll emphasized that the 20th head coach of the Giants is so sincere that he is unlike many of the others who have held this job in the past.

Beth and Brian first met in a Buffalo bar in 2006. While Beth was out with her girlfriends en route to see a local musician, Brian was out with friends celebrating his 30th birthday.

They had two children when they were young and divorced amicably from their ex-spouses. But since they divorced, Brian and his wife begged never to get married.