Brenda Frese husband Mark Thomas is a former video journalist from West Laurel. Frese is the head coach of Maryland Terrapins women’s basketball.

The pair have been married for 17 years. In August 2022, Brenda uploaded a tribute post on their 17th wedding anniversary on Instagram with several pictures and memories of the two. 

Following their nuptials, Mark and Brenda were blessed with the arrival of twins. Three years after tying the knot, the couple welcomed Markus and Tyler Thomas, two adorable bundles of joy, into their lives in 2008.

Frese, a former basketball player at Arizona Wildcats, currently serves as the manager of the University of Maryland women’s team. She has been at the helm for two decades since arriving in Maryland in 2002.

She led the Terrapins to the NCAA Women’s Division Championship title in 2006. In March 2023, the Terrapins beat Niele Ivey’s team Notre Dame Fighting Irish, in the NCAA women’s basketball.

Brenda is set to face South Carolina Gamecocks and Dawn Staley in the Elite Eight of March Madness 2023.

Brenda Frese Wedding Memories

Brenda Frese tied the wedding knot with Mark Thomas on August 20, 2005. They have been together for seventeen years. 

Thomas, a former TV sports producer and reporter, cherishes his married life. Be it Valentine’s Day, their wedding anniversary, or her birthday; he expresses his love through tender notes and heartfelt wishes.

Likewise, Brenda does the same and knows no bounds to show her love to Mark every chance she gets. The two soulmates have gone through many life experiences together, such as starting a family, building a career, facing challenges, and celebrating milestones. 

She penned an Instagram post on their 17th anniversary in August 2022, which reflects they have been through a journey of life together and that Brenda is grateful for all the memories they have made.

To ring in the new year of 2022, the couple enjoyed a late-night dinner together, raising a glass of wine to toast the start of a new beginning. Similarly, Brenda posted a picture of the two sweethearts on National Spouse Day in January 2022. 

Moreover, the American basketball coach wished Mark on his birthday in January 2023. 

Who Is Mark Thomas?

Mark Thomas runs a podcast named The Youth Sports Experience on Spotify.

Inspired by her wife Brenda, who is making waves in NCAA women’s basketball league, Thomas found a different approach to impart knowledge and significant impact on people regarding youth in sports.

Several former players and coaches have joined him on the podcast and shared their wisdom and advice with parents and kids.

The show revolves around developing a solid athletic mentality among today’s youth who are on the way to pursuing a career in sports. 

Prior to launching the podcast, Mark worked as a television sports reporter and video journalist.

However, in 2010, the West Laurel native’s life took a significant turn when his son Tyler was diagnosed with leukemia, leading him to abandon his profession and become a dedicated stay-at-home father and caregiver for his boy.

Brenda Frese Children

Brenda Frese has two children Markus William and Tyler Joseph Thomas. Markus, the elder of the fraternal twins, was born first, followed by his brother just 20 minutes later.

Frese was delighted to learn that she was carrying not one but two little ones during the offseason of 2007.

Brenda and Mark welcomed their fraternal twin boys on February 17, 2008. Though the twins were expected to arrive in mid-March, she went into labor a month earlier in 36 weeks of pregnancy. 

Markus William, who weighed 5 lbs and 5 oz, was born at 10:21 am, followed by his young brother Tyler Joseph, who arrived at 10:41 am, weighing just over 6 lbs.

On September 28, 2010, Branda’s joyful world nearly collapsed when her younger son Tyler was diagnosed with leukemia. Tyler was subjected to daily chemotherapy as part of his treatment plan.

In December 2013, Tyler completed his prolonged chemotherapy treatment and has been cancer free since then. Although he continues to have monthly checkups, the family gradually returns to normalcy.

Despite adversity, Brenda and Mark remained steadfast in their resolve to ensure their children had access to entertainment and frequently took them on adventures to discover new places.

In 2015, a family of four went to experience space travel at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida. Frese dropped a picture from their quest as they were floating in zero gravity on her Instagram account. 

Likewise, in November 2021, Brenda traveled to the Bahamas with her two little ones and Mark to enjoy her vacation. She took to social media to post a picture of Tyler and Markus chilling with a glass of chocolate shake. 

Additionally, Frese uploaded a picture of the quartet celebrating Xmas with Santa Claus in December 2022. Festivals hold a significant role in their household, and every occasion is celebrated with immense significance and enthusiasm.

Brenda Frese Grew Up In Cedar Rapids

Brenda was born to her parents Bill Frese and Donna Frese. She grew up in the city of Cedar Rapids with her five siblings. 

She has many pictures of her mom and dad on her Instagram account. On their birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Brenda also greet them with warm wishes and uploads a photograph of them.

Tragically, his father, Bill, passed away in January 2022, prompting her to convey her deep sorrow and tragedy in an Instagram post where she said, “Heaven gained another Angel yesterday.”

Bill, a former basketball player and coach exposed Brenda to sports from an early age, and she will forever be fortunate for paving the way for her. 

For most of her childhood, the 52-year-old resided in Iowa, immersed in the warmth of her family life and surrounded by four sisters and a brother. Her siblings are Cindy, Marsha, Stacy, Jeff, and Deb.

Frese’s sister, Marsha Frese, also has a career in college basketball and previously served as an assistant coach under Brenda at Ball State, Minnesota, and Maryland. Marsha was later appointed as the head coach at UMKC in 2012.

Her other sister Cindy is a Mount Mercy College alumni and owns a small business in her hometown. Moreover, Stacy graduated from Iowa State University, is married, and has two children.