Brandon Fugal Brother Cameron Fugal Owns Aero Dynamic Jets

Brandon Fugal brother Cameron Fugal is the CEO and founder of Aero Dynamic Jets. Cameron Fugal and wife Danielle have four kids together.

People may remember the Fugal brothers from their appearance in History Channel’s The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. The show follows experts undertaking research at Skinwalker Ranch.

The 512 acres ranch located in Ballard, Utah, is owned by Brandon, a real estate tycoon of Utah. The ranch is reputed to be the hotspot of paranormal and UFO-related activities.

Fugal is determined to unlock the properties’ mysteries -the process of which is documented in the show.

The Utah businessman is joined by his brother, Cameron, and astrophysicist Dr. Travis Taylor, along with his team of scientists and researchers to uncover the mysteries surrounding the ranch.

Principal investigator Erik Bard, ranch superintendent Thomas Winterton, head of security Bryant ‘Dragon’ Arnold, ranch caretaker Kandus Linde and Tom Lewis also appear in the show.

Cameron Fugal Owns A Jet Company

Brandon Fugal brother Cameron Fugal is the CEO and Founder of Aero Dynamics Jets. He has been working for the past three decades in corporate aviation, receiving FAA and founding Aero Dynamics.

The FAA Certificated Part 135 Air Carrier air charter company offers the best in class modern Jet Aircraft and other partner aircraft throughout Alaska, Canada, the Caribbean, and more.

Fugal is also the manager and chief pilot of Fugal Aviation and further serves as President and chief pilot of Copper River Air.

Moreover, he is the Director of Operation of NFSCO Properties. The company acquires, implements, and manages aircraft and equipment to support many aviation and aerospace interests.

With over 31 years of professional aviation management and piloting experience, Fugal has over eight thousand hours of corporate jet and helicopter piloting experience.

He is an accomplished Airline Transport Pilot Rated Captain.

He has been instrumental in launching multiple private flight departments, piloting both jet and helicopter aircraft with bases in Utah and Alaska.

Cameron has received numerous FAA airman certificates, ratings and achievements, licenses, and safety awards throughout his career.

He began his aviation journey at the age of 15 when he had already begun flight training at the Provo Municipal Airport.

Currently, the chief pilot operates several aviation-associated companies and has established offices in Utah and Alaska, coordinating aircraft operations worldwide.

Cameron Has A Beautiful Family

Cameron has been happily married to Danielle Fugal since March 1, 1996. The couple share three sons and one daughter.

His 20-year-old missionary son, Ryan Fugal, moved to Brazil, last year on May 5, 2022, for the Rio De Janeiro North Mission.

Ryan made a bold choice to put his life on hold, including his flying career, to serve in a two-year mission to teach the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and his parents couldn’t be prouder.

He resides in Macae and works for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Ultimos Dias.

Fugal’s oldest son, Mckay Fugal, is engaged in commercial real estate. He is also a wannabe classic physique competitor and lives in Pleasant Grove, Utah, with his wife Leilani, a realtor.

Mckay and Leilani tied the knot in June 2021 in the Mt Timpanogos Temple.

Fugal’s only daughter, Karissa, married Evan Spencer on October 14, 2020. The pilot even flew his daughter and son-in-law to their honeymoon destination in California directly from their reception.

Karissa graduated from Utah Valley University in December 2022 and obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Family Science.

Cameron is not the only child born to his parents, Daniel Boyd Fugal and Jill Fugal. He grew up alongside his brothers, Brandon Fugal, Patrick, and Matthew, in Utah, United States.

Sadly his beloved father passed away on September 8, 2021, at age 73, after over 17 years of fighting carcinoid cancer and dealing with other health challenges.

Daniel spent most of his life in his hometown of Pleasant Grove, serving as a constant leader of family and community.

Sharing a tribute on Facebook, Fugal said he is grateful for the example of love and service his father was. “I am grateful for the many lessons my dad taught me,” he continued.

“I am sure we will see each other again. Love you forever Dad,” Fugal concluded.

How Rich Are The Fugal Brothers?

Brandon and Cameron are multi-millionaire brothers from Utah. The Fugal brothers came to public notice after the launch of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch on the History Channel.

The Skinwalker Ranch Brandon Fugal has a whopping net worth between $300 to $500 million, thanks to his variety of investments.

Over the years, he has held many titles, including a founder of Ascent Cypher Corporation, and Vice President of Utah Realty Group.

He is named among the most prominent businessman and great estate developers in the Intermountain West.

Fugal also holds several esteemed titles, such as Office Broker of the Year, Top National Dealmaker, and a feature on Real Estate Forum’s Top 40 Under Forty.

He purchased Skinwalker Ranch from aerospace tycoon Robert Bigelow in 2016 to investigate the strange and unexplainable phenomena that have been reported on the property for over two centuries.

Cameron Fugal Net Worth

Cameron Fugal has an estimated net worth of over $100 million. He is associated with Aero Dynamic Jets, Fugal Aviation, Copper River Air, and NFSCO Properties.

Like his brother, he has also worn many hats in his business, including CEO, founder, chief pilot, president, manager, and director.

Fugal stands at the helm of one of the latest and fastest-growing providers of exclusive world-class executive private helicopter and jet services in the country, operating the best modern jet aircraft.