Best Passing Playbook Madden 24 And QB Play

Best passing playbook Madden 24 covers Cincinnati Bengals, Kansas City Chiefs, Washington Commanders, New York Jets, and Philadelphia Eagles

Besides, the Indianapolis Colts also share a similar kind of playbook as that of the Eagles. The Bengals have loaded passing plays which are considered the best by the players. 

Gun Tight Slots HB Wk and Gun Bunch Offset are the top options for perceptive passers who can play the whole game using just the two formations. It is also the only playbook to have Shotgun Doubles – PA Zone Read formation. You will require 11 players to form the Bengals’ option plays. 

The plays related to the passing game in the playbook of the Chiefs and the Commanders look alike. Every formation is almost similar. Best known for passing plays formation predominantly, they both feature Bunch, Tight, and Close-type setups. 

Likewise, the Jets also comprises some popular pass-play formations which makes it the best option for players who want to learn mostly the pass game. Some of the favorites in the list are I Form Close, Strong Close, Gun Bunch Gun Bunch TE, and more. 

Madden 24 Play Options For Quarterbacks

Madden 24 QB play includes Read Option, Triple Option, F Led Option, TR Option Switch, TR Option Slip, Raven Read Option, and Power Option

It is important to note that different playbooks have different plays in them. The aforementioned list is taken from the Baltimore Ravens’ book because they are best if you are using a mobile quarterback. 

Some of the formations in them include Pistol Full House TE, Pistol Strong, Pistol Strong Slot, Pistol Weak Slot, Pistol Strong I Wing, Gun Wing Slot WK, Gun Normal Y Off Close, etc. 

Mastering The Read option In Madden 24

First, go to the play type tab and reach the ‘Option’. Inside that choose any formation you want to go with. Let’s go with the Pistol Bunch Read Option. 

The first thing to do here is to locate the defensive end or the outside linebacker and sometimes it might be the Slot DB. When you hike the ball look for the defensive end quickly and if he stands up, you will hand the ball to the running back as soon as possible. 

And if he is crash-running towards you and you know he will tackle the RB, you should keep the ball and run outside along with the quarterback. 

If the DE just stands out you can pass the ball to your running back by pressing the A button on Xbox and the  X button in the Play Station. You can go and master other formations in a similar way. 

Reading the defense run and other factors is the most important key in successfully executing the Read Option. If you see a gap to run through for an inside run then you must do it. If there is not, holding the ball and waiting for the right opportunity is the best idea to follow. 

Best Passing Type Madden 24

The Placement and Accuracy are considered the best Madden 24 passing style. Others on the list are Placement and Power, and Classic technique. 

The new iteration of the latest version of the Madden series has incorporated three types of passes to help the players improve their passing game. 

This new skill-based passing system has revolutionized the way of throwing balls in Madden 24. By the introduction of such a system, the developer hopes that players could bring about significant accuracy in their throw making it easier for the receiver to catch the ball. 

Placement And Accuracy

The main idea of this type is to focus on the timing for the accuracy of the bullet passes and precisely control the pass strength to take in hand the placement of the pass to fall within the target area. 

To pass the ball in a designated area where the receiver can easily target it, you will use the left analog stick and if the receiver is in out route run on the right-hand sideling the QB must throw the ball close to the sideline and for that you will hit the right analog stick. 

Placement And Power

It is similar to that of the above style but the major difference between the Accuracy and Power is that there is no time gauge above the head of a receiver. 

This indicates that Quarterback’s accuracy rating will highly influence the accuracy of the throw. The style is considered highly beneficial for those who can place the ball in a specific area using the analog stick.

However, for those who are playing with low accuracy-rated QBs, good passes are rare to make. 


This one is often considered not so good type of style as it takes away all the control but some take it as the most simplified style of all as you do not have to worry about the analog stick or the time of holding the passing button. 

If you remain in the steadfast face in the pocket and you have Q B with a high pass rating the passes are more likely to be accurate. Otherwise, you will face inevitable inaccurate passes a lot. 

To Change the Passing Style:

  • Reach the ‘Settings’ tab.
  • Choose ‘Game Options’.
  • Click on ‘Passing Mechanics’.
  • Select the style of your choice. 

Quarterback Rankings In The Latest Madden Franchise

Madden 24 QB rankings include 1. Patrick Mahomes 2. Joe Burrow 3. Josh Allen 4. Lamar Jackson 5. Jalen Hurts 6. Dak Prescott and 7. Justin Herbert

Here are other top players along with their overall ratings:

  • Aaron Rodgers – 87 OVR
  • Kirk Cousins – 84 OVR
  • Tua Tagovailoa – 83 OVR
  • Trevor Lawrence – 82 OVR
  • Geno Smith – 81 OVR
  • Jared Goff – 80 OVR
  • Kyler Murray – 79 OVR
  • Deshaun Watson – 78 OVR
  • Derek Carr – 78 OVR
  • Jimmy Garoppolo – 77 OVR
  • Russell Wilson – 77 OVR
  • Justin Fields – 76 OVR
  • Ryan Tannehill – 76 OVR
  • Daniel Jones – 75 OVR
  • Matthew Stafford – 75 OVR
  • Mac Jones – 74 OVR
  • Bryce Young – 74 OVR
  • Brock Purdy – 73 OVR
  • C.J Stroud – 73 OVR
  • Kenny Pickett – 73 OVR
  • Jacob Brissett – 72 OVR
  • Baker Mayfield – 72 OVR
  • Andy Dalton – 72 OVR

Mahomes is still ranked at the top of the list given by his two Super Bowl wins, two Super Bowl MVP titles, and league MVP on two separate occasions. The rating is 99 overall determined by his excellent throw power, high play action, throw on the run, and perfect pass accuracy. 

Similarly, Burrow and Allen have been rated 95 and 94 overall respectively. Although Burrow lacks somewhere in speed his passing game and accuracy are excellent to note. 

Madden NFL 24 has Jordan Love of the Packers and Desmond Ridder of the Falcons as the lowest-ranked starting quarterbacks which are subject to change as the season progresses. 

How To QB Slide Madden 24?

Madden 24 QB slide can be executed by clicking X on the Xbox and Square on Play Station. This can be done to avoid the incoming contact. 

It can be performed by pressing Q on a PC. Sliding is important to protect your quarterback from being hit by the linebackers and defensive backs. The QBs when hit are most likely to result in a fumble. 

Not all quarterbacks have good ball-carrying skills and speed when we compare them to RBs. So, running past the line of scrimmage can bring in a lot of fumble risks if the defenders come in good contact with the player. 

For those gamers who prefer to fill the run offense heavily with QB run plays or want to set themselves in the Superstar Mode as a dual-threat QB, being best at sliding is most important. The slide will definitely end the play but on the other hand, it will contribute to saving the possession.

It can also be used to gain as many yards as possible when there is a path blockage ahead of the QB. Your quarterback can only slither if the playbook has an option for the player to run on its own. 

Process to Perform Slide

The act must be initiated while sprinting the player after passing the line of scrimmage. This must be done with caution because if your QB gets hit or injured then you will face a drastic loss in the absence of your key player on the ground. 

Consider timing as the most important factor. You must not initiate the act too early as you will lose significant yardage but must do it early enough so that your QB can avoid contact. 

Make sure you are a couple of steps away from the defender when you initiate the slide. Being too close to the defender will not allow the animation to activate. 

It is also important to make sure you double-tap the sliding controls and the single press will lead to the dive animation. Although you might not notice a huge difference there, your yardage might get lost. 

Many QBs in Madden 24 can’t perform slides which are because of their own core attributes. The awareness score is the prime factor for making a quarterback eligible to slide. If it is 75 or over, your player can easily slide, if not, he is not able to.