Benjamin Allen Cohen

Benjamin Allen Cohen is one of the famous kids from the United States of America who is known as the firstborn son to one of the widely known American Talk Show hosts, Andy Cohen.

Furthermore, He was born in the year 2019 following that he is currently at the age of 1 year old. As Andy is one of the bold and bravest celebrities to announce himself being gay openly, Benjamin was born through the method of Surrogacy which is why the mother to the child is unknown and he is currently parented by the single father Andy. We know you want to know more about him then below are ten facts about him mentioned in the list below.

Name Benjamin Allen Cohen
Birthday 2019
Age 1
Gender Male
Height 0.85m
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Celebrity kid
Parents Andy Cohen
Married/Single Single

10 facts on Benjamin Allen Cohen 

  1. Benjamin Allen Cohen is an American famous child who is known widely as the son of a famous American host and author, Andy Cohen.
  2. Despite being famous for his identity and the love he is getting from Andy’s fan base, he lacks a Wikipedia page of his own currently.
  3. He was born in the year 2019 but his birthday details are currently kept a secret.
  4. Having many years to grow as he is just at the age of 1 year old, he stands a height approximately around 0.85 meters, and bodyweight details are not known.
  5. Talking about his parents, he is currently parented by a single father Andy Cohen.
  6. Furthermore, Andy has announced himself as Gay and hasn’t mentioned him to be with someone currently summing up him being parented by Andy Only.
  7. Although, his biological mother who helped Andy to be a Surrogate mother isn’t available.
  8. Benjamin is immensely cute that his photo posted on his father’s Instagram is loved by many.
  9. However, he is yet to have one of his accounts.
  10. Lastly, his father was tested positive for COVID-19 recently and has been recovered already.