BBNaija S7: Phyna And Bella Comfort Themselves With Memories Of Their Evicted Lovers

Big Brother Naija housemates, Phyna and Bella hung out reminiscing about the romantic times they shared with their sweethearts before they lost them to the virus hands of eviction.

Ebuka had on Sunday expelled Hermes, Awesome, and Sheggz during the live Eviction show. Sweet and Sheggz had no decision except for to leave the house, leaving their darlings, Phyna and Bella, actually competing against other housemates for the grand award.

During dinner time on Sunday evening, Phyna and Bella sat in the dining area, talking about the amount they have missed their men and how the house feels lonely without them.

Phyna felt really distraught at the absence of Sweet that she could hardly concentrate on the palatable food that was sitting in front of her.

She attempted to compare her situation to that of Bella, insisting that Bella didn’t really feel Sheggz absence because they usually ate from separate plates.

Bella anyway amended her by saying that she and Sheggz used to eat from the same plate with the exception of when spaghetti is served.

Phyna said, “Today someone told Sweet that he looked so decent in his outfit and he advised the person to wait until they see his outfit for the finale.

He had such a lot of confidence, it’s miserable to the point that he left.”

In response, Bella let Phyna know that her own outfit for the finale is equally beautiful and she was enticed to put it on during the live eviction show because she assumed she was going to be ousted. She anyway stated that regardless of whether Awesome didn’t get to put on his final outfit in the house, he may as yet put it on when he attends the evening of the finale.

Phyna agreed with her yet at the same time continued sulking and pinching her meal.