Baron Vaughn wife Rhiannon Vaughn Has Her Own Impressive Career

Baron Vaughn wife Rhiannon Vaughn is the founder of ScreenWritr. Baron Vaughn married Rhiannon Vaughn in January 2019.

The actor was welcomed into the Vaughn family by his parents living in Portales, New Mexico on December 18, 1980. After his role in the Netflix show titled ‘Grace and Frankie,’ he became a household name.

In 2006, he began acting professionally with a role in the movie ‘My Brother’. Baron, 42 appeared in one of the episodes of Law & Order that same year.

From 2017 to 2021, he played Ken in six episodes of the TV show ‘Superstore’. As per IMDB, he will appear in series like ‘Scroll Wheel of Time’ and ‘Honeycomb’ soon.

Vaughn’s net worth is around $5 million as of March 2023. The outstanding actor is also a comedian who can be seen performing on stage regularly.

He stands at the height of 5 feet and 10 inches. Updates about his life can be gained through his verified Instagram account @barvonblaq with more than 24,000 followers.

Rhiannon Vaughn Is The Founder Of ScreenWritr

Baron Vaughn wife Rhiannon Vaughn co-founded the ScreenWritr app in May 2022. Rhiannon grew up in Silver City, New Mexico along with her family.

Through the ScreenWritr app, she and her team focus on creating a place for aspiring writers to develop and outline their plays and screenplays. Before embarking upon this entrepreneurial journey, Vaughn was an employee at Bank of America for 6 years and 10 months.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Rhiannon Ciara Vaughn joined the company in October 2003 as the Customer Service Team Lead Specialist. After around 2 years, she was promoted to AVP; Customer Service Team Manager Specialist.

Then, in November 2008, she became the Business Banking Client Manager. However, Rhiannon exited the company in July 2010, and landed the role of Executive Assistant at UCLA Anderson Executive Education 2 years later.

For a period of 1 year, she served there and returned back to her old office, Bank of America as the Sr. Treasury Solutions Analyst. For 2 years, she performed that role, and took a career break for her professional development.

Vaughn enrolled in Lesley University in 2017 to pursue a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing: Stage and Screen. After completing her degree in 2019, she was hired by ELLIPSATION INC company as the Head of Operations.

She served there for nearly 4 years before finally starting her own business. In terms of education, Rhiannon studied Associate of Arts at Citrus College and graduated in 2008. Then, she attended Pitzer College in 2010 to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Not only that, she is a former member of Mensa, an organization where only individuals with high IQs can gain membership.

Vaughn is an Experienced Playwright

On her Instagram handle, the aspiring entrepreneur describes herself as playwright, mama, mystic woman, and someone who writes with spirit.

As a playwright, she has written plays like ‘Wine Night’ and ‘A Lovely Day Outside’. Besides writing, Rhiannon also directs, produces and manages stage shows and plays.

Her play ‘A Lovely Day Outside’ was included in the Scribes Stages Virtual Reading in May, 2021.

In a nutshell, she is a spiritual person who provides workshops and courses to empower ones creative self. Meanwhile, she also tweeted on the occasion of International Women’s Day in March.

Rhiannon is a Podcast Host

The skilled playwright recently ventured into podcasting. Vaughn has a podcast titled ‘A Kind of Meadow with Rhiannon Vaughn!’ that can be listened to in Spotify.

There are 4 episodes, and she talks with Andrea Forcina, a trained therapist on the topic ‘A kind of Ritual Release’ in the latest one.

She also co-wrote ‘Persistence of Memory’ podcast along with Courtney Hope Thérond, and it was included on ‘The Red List’ as #11 Drama Podcast. Additionally, it was featured in the 2021 Gotham Week Project Market.

She shared the news through her Instagram and wrote, “I am beyond thrilled to be included in this year’s Gotham Week Project Market amongst some really incredible projects and their creators.”

Baron And Rhiannon Relationship At A Glance

Baron Vaughn has completed four years of marital bliss with his spouse Rhiannon Ciara Vaughn. The couple welcomed a son out of wedlock in 2017.

April 2017: Baron and Rhiannon Attended the GLAAD Media Awards

From April 1 to May 6, the 30th GLAAD Media Awards was held in The Beverly Hilton. Rhiannon accompanied her husband to the event.

Baron starter ‘Grace and Frankie’ won the award for Outstanding Comedy Series at the prestigious event. He captioned, “Um. Deray. Deray. Duh. RAY.” as he shared the picture with DeRay Mckesson, an activist standing in between him and his better half.

June 2017: Pregnancy Announcement

On the 5th of June, the actor took to Instagram and uploaded a picture of his baby mama at de Young Museum in San Francisco.

In the photograph, Mrs. Vaughn looked glowy and even more beautiful as she gave a bright and wide smile. In no time, the comment section was flooded with congratulatory messages.

Rome Gall, a comedian wrote, “Congrats brother! Congrats!!” with a heart emoticon.

October 2017: Baron and Rhiannon Welcomed a Son

On the 20th of October, Vaughn broke the news online regarding the birth of his son, with the caption, “I dreamt of a son and now he’s here.”

Interestingly, his character on ‘Grace and Frankie’ had a baby at the same time. When the baby boy turned 3 months, Baron posted an adorable picture to commemorate the moment.

Also, on the 5th of July, he uploaded another photograph taken at Martha’s Vineyard – Massachusetts where his kid is holding a baby water bottle sipper.

March 2018: Vaughn Wished Rhiannon Ciara A Happy Mother’s Day

Baron wished the new mom Rhiannon on Mother’s Day on March 14. He shared a photograph of his child and wifey with a note: ‘Happy Mother’s Day to a woman that also has to raise me.’

Moreover, he acknowledged his real mom by posting an image where she was holding her grandchild. The emotional Vaughn wrote that his mom is everything to him.

January 2019: Baron Wedded Rhiannon Ciara

Rhiannon Ciara exchanged wedding vows with her beau Baron in January 2019. On the 31st of January, the actor took to Instagram to share the pictures from the nuptials and penned, “Photos ARE the wedding. Thanks for coming.’

Their wedding photoshoot was done by Vietnamese American photographer Kim Newmoney. Meanwhile, the hair and makeup were done by Tara Copeland.

January 2020: Rhiannon Joined Baron on the premiere of Grace and Frankie

The 6th season of the highly successful series ‘Grace and Frankie’ premiered on the 15th of January, 2020. The Vaughn pair both graced the premiere event in matching outfits.

Baron portrayed the character of Nwabudike Bergstein, famously known as Bud, who is the adopted son of Frankie in this series. However, after the 7th season, the series has not been renewed.