‘Barbie Girl’ Hitmakers Aqua Still Have Their Sights Set on More Success in the States

It has been a long time since Danish dance-pop gathering band Water hit it big with their infamous hit “Barbie Young lady” — lead entertainer Lene Nystrøm actually has a few blended sentiments about the tune that keeps on causing a peculiarity.

“I would be contrasted and ‘Barbie Young lady’ constantly,” makes sense of Nystrøm, 48, while sitting close to her tone facilitated bandmates Rene Dif and Søren Rasted during a Zoom interview with Individuals. “It truly made me into the haziest medication chick on the planet with skulls all over in light of the fact that I needed to accomplish something inverse than that!” She giggles.

“No doubt about it that time most certainly had its tough situations.”

For sure, it was 1997 when Water wound up push into the worldwide spotlight only three years after the band’s creation through the arrival of their presentation collection Aquarium!

Yet, while singles, for example, “Return to some time in the past” and “Specialist Jones” saw a good outcome all over the planet and the actual collection proceeded to sell in excess of 17 million duplicates around the world, it was “Barbie Young lady” alone that would wind up causing disturbances here in the states. That actually kind of damages.

“It’s difficult to make something and have your own reality about it, send it into the world and get such countless translations around it,” says Nystrøm. “That can be extreme.”

“‘Barbie Young lady’ sort of over sparkled the wide range of various hits we had,” adds Rasted, 53. “We had no different hits in America.

We put ‘Candy (Candyman)’ out as the subsequent single and it won’t ever work. It was a piece frustrating on the grounds that in America, unexpectedly we turned into a one-hit-wonder band.

Do we wish things would’ve worked out distinctively in America? Totally.”

Obviously, with opportunity likewise arrives understanding. “We were being pulled upon from such countless sides of the world around then, and the truth of the matter is that we expected to go to do advancement is such countless different spots,” concedes Nystrøm of the to some degree bedlam that accompanied the arrival of the raving success delivered back in May 1997.

“You truly need to remain, live, and work in America for so long to make the entire nation work. We expected to go make a show in America, however you can’t make a show with one melody.”

Nonetheless, even after so long, that one tune keeps on tracking down its direction into the American mind.

Truth be told, there is an age of music sweethearts that are a little while ago being spellbound by the habit-forming tune and fairly tempting verses of the dependable hit.

“It’s astounding to perceive how much individuals are embracing [it], particularly on TikTok on the grounds that they’re so imaginative,” says Dif, 54.

“They will do it with the guitar or a bass or on a can, or they will do a dance — a wide range of stuff that sooner or later becomes a web sensation.

I believe that is their primary objective, yet no one can really tell what becomes a web sensation! We are simply staying here as observers.”

Positively, Water fills in as definitely more than onlookers right now, with the gathering proceeding to visit in the wake of requiring a five-year break from visiting from 2001 to 2006.

“We are playing 30 to 40 shows per year,” says Rasted. “Consistently, I’m super astounded that we are still so famous.

At the point when we go out and play shows and celebrations, individuals we are playing for are youthful. Seeing that is insane.

The remainder of the world doesn’t think of us as a one-hit wonder band.”

Yet, they still can’t seem to abandon past U.S.A. “We have big objectives,” says Nystrøm.

“Its an obvious fact,” adds Dif. “I couldn’t want anything more than to go to the States. I couldn’t want anything more than to see Water complete fourteen days in Vegas and I might want to see Water on the stage at Coachella. Things like that would be on the list of must-dos of Water.” Furthermore, they are dealing with new music — kind of.

“Definitely, that is a stretch,” Nystrøm concedes with a snicker. “That is most likely going excessively far. We have two or three tracks we’re dealing with. I accept we have an objective.

Each time we go in front of an audience and each time we see an audience, we maintain that should give a valiant effort and be awesome.

That is forever been our objective as a band, to proceed with this astonishing ride however long we can.”