Barbara Hershey Biography, Age, Dating history, Movies and Net Worth

Barbara Hershey Biography

Barbara Hershey, born Barbara Lynn Herzstein, is an American Actress. She has been an actress ever since 1965 at age 17. Despite this, she only started gaining fame in the late 1980s. This was after she had been named as one of America’s finest actresses by the Chicago Tribune. She has been known to have acted in many films and television in many genres throughout her career and collected various awards for her performances.

Throughout her time, she has experienced downs that have threatened the continuing of her career. The worst one was when she tried to change her stage name to Barbara Seagull as she was dating David Carradine. After ending her relationship with Carradine, she changed her name back to Hershey.

Barbara Hershey Age | Early Life

She was born on the 5th of February, 1948 in Hollywood in central Los Angeles. She was the youngest of three children. As a child, she had a strong desire to become an actress. Because of this, her family nicknamed her after the famous French Stage actress Sarah Bernhardt. While in school, she was one of the shy ones. At age 10, she proved herself to be a highly competent A student. She studied at the Hollywood High School.

In high school, her drama coach aided in her pursuit of an agent. Sometime late, she landed her first role at age 17 in the TV series Gidget. She graduated from high school in 1966 according to The New York Times All Movie Guide. However, David Carradine’s biography disagrees stating that she dropped out to pursue acting on a whole.
She is 71 years old as of 2018.

Barbara Hershey Family

She is the daughter of Arnold Nathan Herzstein (father), a horse-racing columnist, and Melrose Herzstein (mother). Her mother was originally from Arkansas. Despite that, she was a Presbyterian of Scotch-Irish descent. Her father, however, was born to Jewish Immigrants from Hungary and Russia. She is the youngest of three children born to both. We, however, do not know the identities of her two siblings.

Barbara Hershey Dating history

David Carradine

In 1969, she met David as they were performing in the film, Heaven With A Gun. They began dating until 1975 after she had been arrested in 1974 for burglary. Around that time, David started having an affair with another unknown woman.

Stephen Douglas

She then went on and got married to Stephen Douglas, an artist, on the 8th of August, 1992. One year later, the couple divorced.

Naveen Andrews

Although being 21 years younger than herself, She got married to Naveen Andrews, a British actor, in 1999. They then separated briefly in 2005 and later reconciled. In May 2010, the couple announced that they had already separated six months earlier.

Barbara Hershey Children

She has mothered one child, a son Tom, with David Carradine. She gave birth on the 6th of October, 1972.

Barbara Hershey Career

Early Career

Her acting career started at age 17 with three episodes of “Gidget”. A while after, she followed that up with “The Monroes” in 1966. As she was still working on these, she managed to make time to partake in other roles like in the film “With Six You Get A Roll”. She went on and co-starred in “Heaven With A Gun” in 1969, where she met Carradine. Still, in the same year, she acted in “Last Summer”. During filming, a seagull was killed, this made her feel guilty so she changed her stage name to Seagull.

The 1970s (Seagull)

The name change negatively affected her career. This cost her much more when she played in “The Crazy World Of Julius Brooder”. She, however, did not let this deter her from doing what she loved. She continued to play in “The Baby Maker” in 1970, “Boxcar Bertha” in 1972, guest-starred with Carradine in “Kung Fu”. In addition, she also did “You and Me” in 1975 and “Americana” in 1983. She only managed to get these roles due to her relationship with Carradine.

In the late 70s, she decided to leave behind the name ‘Seagull’ and her dependency on Carradine. In her newfound motivation and independence, she partook in “Last Hard Men” in 1976. At first, it was hard since she only got roles to unsuccessful films for the rest of the ’70s. She played in the likes of “Flood”, “Sunshine Christmas” and “Glitter Palace” 1976 and 1977.

The 1980s (Comeback)

She then landed onto the big screen with “The Stunt Man” in 1980. After this, she continued with “The Entity” in 1982, “The Right Stuff” in 1983, “The Natural” in 1984 and “Tin Men” in 1987. She then left California for Manhattan where she got a role in “Hannah And Her Sisters” in 1986 from Woody Allen, a director. The role gave her three Academy Awards and a Golden Globe. She also earned a BAFTA nomination from the same.

Barbara then added onto these with another win from her role in Shy People and A World Apart at the Cannes Film Festival. She later acted in the film Hoosiers and later in 1988 she played in Beaches.

The ’90s

She started off the 90s with winning an Emmy and a Golden Globe from her role in “A Killing In A Small Town”. Later that year, she played in “Tune In Tomorrow”. Her other films were: Paris Trout and Defenseless in 1991, Stay The Night and The Public Eye in 1992, Return To Lonesome Dove and Falling Down in 1993, Last Of The Dogmen in 1995, Portrait Of A Lady in 1996, Staircase in 1998, Drowning on Dry Land in 1999 and in 1999-2000 she played in Chicago Hope.

The 2000s

In the 2000s she acted in: “Lantana” in 2001, “11:14” in 2003, “The Mountain”, “A New Beginning” in 2008. In 2010, she acted in “Murder On The Orient Express” and “Black Swan”. The following year “Insidious”, and from 2012 to 2013 “Once Upon A Time”.

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Barbara Hershey Net Worth

Barbara has accumulated a lot of income through the various works she has done over her career in both film and television. As of 2019, She has a total estimated net worth of $12 million accumulated from her career spanning over 50 years.

Barbara Hershey Beaches

The movie stars her as Hillary and Bette Midler as CC. They are childhood friends in constant quarrels but in the long run, they are always looking out for each other.

Barbara Hershey Once Upon A Time

She is depicted as Cora, mother of the Evil Queen. She does not really appear much in the film as she is not one of the most significant characters.

Barbara Hershey The Entity

Here Cara (Barbara), is attacked and raped by an invisible entity. A psychiatrist believes that she is inflicting her injuries on herself due to trauma. She gets help from some college students interested in the paranormal to battle the entity.

Barbara Hershey Plastic Surgery

Despite many accusations stating that she underwent surgery to look as she is today, she says that she does not do any surgery. The only really known time she had used unnatural means to improve her beauty was when she had been injected collagen in her lips back in 1998. Ever since then, its only natural beauty and a good diet.

Barbara Hershey Last Summer

She (as Sandy) and two other boys are spoilt teens spending a summer in Fire Island. The boys make their moves on her but she pleases as well as tortures them. Then comes Rhoda who is teased and humiliated by the three.

Barbara Hershey Mary Magdalene

She took the role of Mary Magdalene in the 1988 film, The Last Temptation Of Christ. The film depicts Jesus’ struggle with all sorts of temptations.


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