Bad Vegan: Who Is Jeffrey Chodorow Wife Linda? Details On The Family Of China Grill Management Owner

Jeffrey Chodorow is an American restaurateur, lawyer, and financier. Explore his wife, net worth, and family details below in this article.

In the 1990s and 2000s, Jeffrey Chodorow had a lot of success, but things are different now.

As of 2022, his company’s website, China Grill Management, was down, and most of his well-known restaurants appeared to have shuttered.

In 2021, Jeffrey was seen leasing space in the upscale Bal Harbour Shops in Miami, Florida, to open a restaurant.

About Jeffrey Chodorow Wife Linda

Jeffrey Chodorow is married to her wife, Linda Chodorow. She reportedly began working for her husband’s firm in 1997 as a director.

Linda has worked for 13 other companies in addition to China Grill Management during her career.

The restauranteur’s two children, Zach and Max, are also in the food and restaurant business.

Max was a pizza addict who hosted pop-up dinners and parties in New York, while Zach worked as a hot dog vendor in the city. Since 2008, Zach has also served as the director of China Grill Management.

Jeffrey Chodorow Net Worth: How Rich Is China Grill Management Owner?

Jeffrey Chodorow’s net worth was at least $13 million in 2022. After receiving his economics and law degrees in 1975, this restauranteur began his career as a lawyer and realtor.

After earning his first million in less than a decade, Jeffrey built China Grill in 1987, a restaurant that generated more than $11 million by 2007.

Jeffrey headed on to become the chairman and CEO of BIA-COR Holdings Inc., an investment consortium that bought a controlling position in Braniff Inc. in 1988.

Unfortunately, Jeffrey became embroiled in a dispute with the corporation, and he was sentenced to four months in prison for obstruction of justice in 1994.

Find Jeffrey Chodorow Family Details

Jeffrey Chodorow was the only child of his parents. Unfortunately, Jeffrey’s father died while he was a baby, and his mother moved the family to Miami, Florida to live with her sister.

At the time, his mother worked as a manicurist. As a result, they were short on cash. He recalls her taking him out on dates since she couldn’t afford a babysitter.

But it turned out to be a gift in disguise for Jeffrey. He was exposed to nightclubs and restaurants at an early age, which aided him later in his professional development.