Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Cast Changes You Need To Know Before The Big Release

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries cast changes are Skyler Samuels as Aurora and Evan Roderick as Arthur. Candace Cameron Bure left the movie series in 2022.

Skyler and Evan star in the brand new Aurora Teagraden movie releasing this Friday on Hallmark. It centers on young Aurora’s college days when she returned to Lawrenceton.

She did her first year in Seattle, but after she found the library science program at Lawrence to new offers a specialization in True Crime Literature, she returned to the town.

While her mother, Adia, struggled with her real estate business, Aurora worked two jobs for tuition money.

When her best friend Sally’s fiance disappears from their wedding rehearsal, Aurora asks for Arthur’s help.

When discovering more about Sally’s groom, they find a body that makes his fiance the suspect in the murder.

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Something New cast are Skyler Samuels, Evan Roderick, Marilu Henner, Kayla Heller, Hayley Sales, and Madison Smith.

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Cast Changes

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries cast changes are Skyler Samuels as Aurora and Evan Roderick as Arthur. Kayla Heller plays the role of Sally Allison.

Skyler Samuels As Aurora Teagarden

Skyler Samuels takes on the role as Aurora ‘Roe’ Teagarden.

The role of Aurora was previously portrayed by two actress Candace Cameron Bure and her daughter Natasha Bure.

After Bure departed from the Hallmark channel, they created the new sequel of Aurora Teagarden, highlighting the young Aurora.

As a result, Skyler Samuels, 28, secured the role of young Aurora. She shared she felt excited to be joining the mysterious and fun world of Aurora Teagarden.

Skyler Samuels is best known for her roles in movies and TV shows are The Duff, Scream Queens, and The Gifted.

In Haunted by Murder, Natasha Bure played the role of teen Aurora.

This year, Aurora’s post-college days become the priority on the Hallmark Murder and Mysteries.

Aurora comes back to town for her best friend Sally’s wedding. She is living in Seattle and working on her master’s.

Evan Roderick As Arthur Smith

Evan Roderick appears as young Arthur Smith.

In the 17 films of Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, Peter Benson played Arthur’s character.

Arthur is a detective and Roe’s best friend. He has briefly dated Roe.

In this new sequel, Arthur meets Aurora in a local diner at night, where she is working as a waitress. He thought she came back home for Sally’s wedding but found out about her crime research enthusiasm lured her to the town.

Sally’s wedding rehearsal led Arthur and Aurora together to search for her fiance.

The Canadian-born actor Evan Roderick is acknowledged for Arrow, Alien Shy, and A Tale of Two Christmas.

Kayla Heller As Sally Allison

Kayla Heller portrayed the Sally Allison role in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries sequel. Lexa Doig played the role of Aurora’s best friend in 17 films.

The young Sally is getting married, but during the wedding rehearsal, her finance does not show up. As a result, the maid of honor, Roe, helps her find her groom with the help of Authur.

Heller is known for her role in Superman and ‘Lois and There’s Someone Inside Your House.’

Why Did Niall Matter Leave Aurora Teagarden?

Niall Matter left Aurora Teagarden because Hallmark featured an younger actor in the new film. Evan Roderick takes on the role in the new movie.

The new prequel tells the story of the young Aurora, aka Roe, and her college life in the Hallmark Murder & Mysteries movie. As a result, they choose the young actor as Aurora’s love interest.

The Canadian-American actor Niall Matter starred as a college professor Nick Miller and Aurora’s husband. He taught psychology at Philip’s College and helped Aurora in the investigation.

As per the show premises, it is back to the story of Aurora’s college days. As a result, she has not met Nick Miller at that time.

The story of Aurora’s new love interest, Nick, begins in the 2018 prequel The Disappearing Game. He moved in across the street and assisted Aurora.

The couple got engaged in ‘Heist and Seek,’ and later married in ‘Til Death Do Us Part.’

So, in this prequel, Arthur appears as Aurora’s love interest and shares the chemistry between them while solving the murder case.

Why Did Candace Cameron Bure Leave Aurora Teagarden?

Candace Cameron Bure left Aurora Teagarden Mysteries as she departed from Hallmark and joined GAC media.

Bure, an actress & panelist, has been a vital part of the Hallmark channel for over a decade. She has played a lead role in Hallmark 24 films.

The actress is known for her Hallmark Christmas films like A Shoe Addict Christmas, Switched for Christmas, and If I Only Had Christmas.

The actress appeared in 18 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries of Aurora Teagraden movie series. She played the lead role of Aurora, Libariam turned amateur Sleuth, in Aurora Teagarden Mystery: A Bone to Pick in 2015.

She last appeared in the prequel Haunted by Murder in 2022. Afterward, she announced her departure from the channel in April 2022.

GAC family is Hallmark’s biggest competitor, and Bure has chosen her career opportunities with them.

The network announced the deal with the actress on April 19, 2022.

The president of GAC Media, Bill Abbott, told the US magazine that she was looking forward to working with Bure.

Bill said it was an honor as the actress decided to be part of Great American Channels.

The source reported the actress not only acts but takes an executive position as she will produce original content for the network.

Some FAQs

Who is the new Aurora Teagarden?

Skyler Samuels is the new Aurora Teagarden in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Something New.

Why is Lynn not in the new Aurora Teagarden movie?

Lynn is not in the new Aurora Teagarden movie because her part has not been featured on the show.