Audrey Nichols Murder: Where Is Husband Richard Nichols Now? Prison Sentence And Parole

Audrey Nichols was murdered by her own husband Richard Nichols. Here is everything you need to know about the victim and her family.

Audrey Nichols was brutally murdered by her estranged husband Richard Nicholas. She had separated from Nichols and was living in  San Francisco with a Mr. and Mrs. Hutchins.

Richard called the Hutchins’ house twice in the early evening of February 8, 1968, and asked to speak with his wife. Hutchins informed him that Mrs. Nichols was not present on both occasions.

Hutchins left shortly before 8 p.m., leaving Mrs. Nichols, two of her friends, Dorothy Harris and Marvin Bibbs, and the two children in the house. Mrs. Nichols’ car was in the garage beneath the house’s living quarters. The car of Bibbs was parked in the driveway.

There was a persistent ringing of the doorbell at the Hutchins’ house around 8 p.m. The two girls looked out the living room window, and one or both of them informed the adults that Richard was at the door.

Nobody answered the doorbell. Shortly after, the sound of breaking glass was heard, followed by the smell of smoke about 10 minutes later.

Everything You Need To Know About Audrey Nichols Murder

During the investigation, Richard Nichols admitted that he went to his wife Ashley Nichols’ house to talk to her and borrow her car. However, when several of the adults went to investigate, they discovered that one of the garage’s corners was on fire.

Mrs. Nichols noticed her car’s hood had been raised. After locating the children, Bibbs proceeded to bring them downstairs, and the lights went out.

The group was forced to return up the stairs due to the intense heat and dense smoke. In the smoke and darkness, Bibbs lost sight of the children while breaking open a bedroom window.

He stumbled around the room looking for them, then jumped out the window as he felt himself being overcome by smoke. Smoke inhalation killed the two children who remained in the house.

In the statement, he mentioned that he didn’t get a response at the door, he looked at a car in the driveway. Richard then noticed that it was registered to a man he didn’t know. Richard assumed the man was there to see his wife.

He then noticed his wife’s car parked inside the garage and broke one of the garage door windows to gain access. When he noticed the engine was cold, he deduced that his wife had been at home for some time.

He became enraged and decided to scare her because he assumed she was both avoiding him and seeing another man. He ignited some newspaper he found on the garage floor and wrapped it around the carburetor.

Richard then heard noises in the house, became terrified, and fled. He stated that he had never intended to cause harm to anyone. Richard testified at trial that the statement was false.

He claimed he made up the story to keep his wife out of further trouble because he suspected her negligence was to blame for the children’s deaths.

Where Is Husband Richard Nichols Now?

The whereabouts of Richard Nichols are unknown, as of 2022. The accusation charges of Nichols were two counts of murder, one count of burglary, and one count of arson of a dwelling house.

Despite the lack of evidence of premeditation, they sought to establish that the offense was murder in the first degree. They made the decision on the basis of grounds that the deaths occurred during the commission of arson.

A jury found Richard guilty of first-degree murder on both counts, but not of burglary or arson. Richard appealed after his conviction after being sentenced to concurrent terms of life imprisonment.

Richard Nichols Age And Parole Update

The age details of Richard Nichols’ are missing from the Internet. Nichols who was sentenced to life imprisonment did appeal, however, it is not sure if he got the parole.

Nichols is supposedly in the prison facing his sentence for the murder charge. There are no further details about Nichols on the Internet.

How Many Kids Did Richard Nichols Have?

The details of Richard Nichols’ kids are missing from the Internet. It is not sure if he has had any children.

Nevertheless, even though he is a father to someone, they have been staying low-key and haven’t revealed their identity.