Are Venus Williams and Reilly Opelka dating?

Because Reilly Opelka and Venus Williams are regularly seen together, many fans assumed the two players were dating.

The speculations persisted throughout 2021, but Venus put an end to them this week on her Instagram story.

She attached a “Questions” tag to her recent story and replied away, always wanting to communicate with followers.

Of course, her fans were quick to wonder if Opelka and Williams were a bundle deal.

“Are you and Reilly dating?,” the follower asked.

“No @ReillyOpelka shot me down,” she responded.

For the time being, the humorous and honest response pretty about sums it up. However, the two guys enjoy spending time together, and they were just in Miami for Art Basel last week.

At the event, Opelka posted a photo of the two of them with popular music singer Kygo, and he most recently posted a very artistic portrait of himself inside the gallery. Williams responded with more delightful humor in his comment area.

“Borrowing shirt. Wearing as dress,” the seven-time major champion commented.