Are David Dobrik And Jeff Wittek Still Friends? Updates On Crane Accident And Documentary With Casey Neistat

David Dobrik is an Internet personality from Slovakia. Are David Dobrik And Jeff Wittek Still Friends? This article goes into great details about the Crane Accident and Documentary.

He garnered early fame on Vine’s video-sharing app before starting his vlog on YouTube in 2015.

Jeffrey Wittek is a YouTuber, comedian, and podcaster from the United States. In late 2018, David joined David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad.

Are David Dobrik and Jeff Wittek Still Friends?

YouTuber Jeff Wittek has spoken out against his former collaborator and buddy David Dobrik, claiming that he has cut the social media star out of his life.

During a recent Patreon live stream, Wittek was asked if Dobrik had checked in on him following his most recent corrective eye surgery, to which he responded that “not a text or nothing” had arrived.

David’s first Vine video was uploaded in 2013. He collaborated on Vine with Liza Koshy, Gabbie Hanna, Jason Nash, and Zane & Heath, among the famous Viners he collaborated with.

Before beginning his channel, David was a YouTube group Second Class member.

Wittek began his YouTube channel in 2011, but he is best known for the “Behind the Cuts” Tumblr account he launched in 2012, where he styled the hair of superstars such as Mac Miller and Pauly D.

On Instagram, he also shared hair styling and party photos.

Crane Accident And Documentary Update

Wittek suffered injuries to his face and head after being hung on a rope attached to an excavator in June 2020.

Dobrik was running the construction equipment, and a video of the incident was later uploaded to YouTube in April 2021.

New footage shows fellow Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek getting seriously injured following a video prank gone awry, and David Dobrik faces backlash.

As Jeff claims, David pushed for a series of deadly exploits in the Vlog Squad’s new slate during the pandemic in 2020.

David Dobrik: Youtuber Family Details

Dobrik has three younger brothers and sisters. As a Slovak citizen who entered the United States as a child and stayed illegally, Dobrik is protected from deportation.

He disclosed in a vlog in September 2021 that he had received his green card and could now travel outside of the United States.

Dobrik dated Liza Koshy, a fellow YouTube celebrity, from late 2015 to early 2018. They confirmed their breakup in June 2018.

On May 15, 2019, Dobrik legally married Lorraine Nash, Jason Nash’s mother, as a comedic piece for one of his vlogs.

On June 12, 2019, Dobrik announced that he and Nash had decided to end their one-month marriage.

He announced on Instagram on November 22, 2019, that he had signed divorce papers and divorced Nash.

Meet David Dobrik On Instagram

David Dobrik is very popular on Instagram, having 12.4 million followers under the username @daviddobrik.

He has posted 474 posts on Instagram and has been following 338 people on Instagram so far.

The Youtuber is also much active on Twitter, and his Twitter account username is @DavidDobrik.

Dobrik has gained 5.3 million followers and has posted 224 tweets on Twitter.