Arden Cho Net Worth, Assets And Early Life -How Rich Is She?

Arden Cho has made an impressive net worth as an actress, singer, and model. In addition, she has an affluent lifestyle, as seen on her social media profiles.

Arden Cho, an American actress, singer, and model, is best known for her role as Kira Yukimura in the Teen Wolf series. However, she also stars in the 2010 short film Agents of Secret Stuff.

After her trip to Kenya, she moved to Los Angeles, where she performed odd jobs while hoping to pursue a career in acting. Instead, Cho has appeared in Asian and American films, TV shows, and advertisements.

Due to her tremendous musical and physical abilities, which included ballet, cello, piano, and more, her first agency hired her even though she lacked any prior film experience.

After deciding, the actress chose to study law at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. She enrolled there for her initial acting lessons and developed an interest in the field.

Quick Facts

Full name Arden Lim Cho
Age 37 years old
Place of birth Amarillo, Texas, U.S.
Years active 2006–present

Arden Cho Net Worth: How Rich Is She?

The estimated net worth of actress Arden Cho is around $1 million. She has worked on a few movie-related projects, so her worth is beginning to grow. She has, nonetheless, participated in numerous projects.

As of 2022, Arden has not achieved the same success and prestige as other American actresses, who have amassed millions of dollars in net worth via their lengthy acting careers and sponsorships.

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According to studies, the average salary for a rookie actress in the American film industry is $49,000 per production. However, for particular actresses, the estimation is not precise.

She may, however, have a job paying around a million dollars based on her experience and projects from her career. She also has a good fan base and a growing acting reputation.

Although her career still needs a boost to have her career take the next big step, she has a good following among her fans. You can learn about her lifestyle and activities through her Instagram account.

To have a deeper understanding of Asian American traditions, she also took part in the Asian American Association’s Fashion Show. She graduated with a psychology degree in 2007.

Arden Cho Early Life: Know About Her Family Background

Korean-American parents gave birth to Arden Cho in Amarillo, Texas. But she was raised in Plano and San Antonio, both in Texas.

She frequently felt alien growing up in communities with few ethnic minorities. As a result, she was physically assaulted when she was young, suffered injuries, and was twice admitted to the hospital.

Later, she went to Apple Valley High School in Minnesota. Finally, Cho enrolled at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to pursue a legal career.

She enrolled there for her first theatrical classes and became interested in the field. The actress also participated in the Asian American Association’s Fashion Show, exposing her to a broader range of Asian American culture.

Cho earned a Bachelor of Arts in psychology in 2007, and the summer after that, she went on a medical missionary trip to Kenya.

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She relocated to Los Angeles after her trip to Kenya and worked odd jobs while attempting to pursue an acting career. Nevertheless, she did not yet have any screen credits.

Does Arden Cho Have A Husband?

Samuel Juno Park and Arden Cho allegedly dated but are not husband and wife. Additionally, there have been rumors that the actress is wed and has a relationship with the rapper.

Like many other actors, Arden hasn’t talked much about her romantic life. But, even though they didn’t say when they started dating, the couple’s followers are happy they are together.

On February 16, 2021, Arden posted a photo of the two cuddlings and thanked Junoflo for making her Valentine’s Day special.

Samuel was born on September 25, 1992, in Fullerton, California, according to a brief biography of Junoflo. After participating in Season 5 of the South Korean survival reality series Show Me The Money, he rose to fame in 2016.

Before dating Samuel Juno Park, the actress Arden dated a YouTuber named Ryan Higa. Cho has made numerous appearances in Higa’s short videos before rising to fame as an actor.

Some FAQs

What does Arden Cho do for living?

Arden Cho American is an actress, singer and model known for portraying Kira Yukimura in the 2011 MTV television series Teen Wolf

Where was Arden Cho born?

Arden Cho was born in Amarillo, Texas to Korean-American parents and was raised in San Antonio and Plano, Texas.

Does Arden Cho have a husband?

Arden Cho allegedly dated Juno Park Arden. She posted a photo of the two cuddlings and thanked Junoflo for making her Valentine’s Day special.