Anton Fier Age, Height, Cause Of Death, Wife, Children

Anton Fier, one of the early members of The Lounge Lizards and The Feelies, led The Golden Palominos, and was a major player in the downtown NYC scene, has died at age 66.

Fier was an early member of The Lounge Lizards and The Feelies.

He was in The Lodge (with John Greaves), worked with Pere Ubu, was briefly in the Voidoids, and founded The Golden Palominos.

Fier produced several albums, such as;

  • The 1988 album of Drivin’ N Cryin’,
  • Whisper Tames The Lion, a 2009 album by guitar virtuoso Jim Campilongo titled Orange, and
  • Lianne Smith’s Two Sides of a River, on which Fier also played drums.

Anton Fier age

Fier was born on June 20, 1956 and died Sept. 21, 2022 at age 66.

Anton Fier height

Fier’s exact height is not known. However, he was of average height.

Anton Fier cause of death

What was Anton Fier’s cause of death? A cause of death wasn’t revealed.

Anton’s demise was announced by Syd Straw, who performed with Fier in the Golden Palominos in the 1980s, playing live and contributing vocals to 1985 album ‘Visions of Excess’ and its follow-up, 1986’s ‘Blast of Silence (Axed My Baby For a Nickel)’.

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Syd Straw wrote;

Anton Fier wife

Fier kept his personal life under the wraps so it’s not known if he was married.

Anton Fier children

It’s also not known if he is survived by any children.