Anastasia, Max Griffin Wife, Net Worth And Salary Breakdown

The former welterweight champion, Max Griffin, and his fiancée are often mistaken as husband and wife since they have been together for many years.

Max and his beloved lady have even started a family and are happy together. Besides his family, the UFC fighter currently competes in the Welterweight division for the Octagon and has been doing great.

He proudly flaunts his record of 18 wins and nine losses in the total 27 matches he has fought. Despite losing his promotional debut match against Colby Covington on August 20, 2016, at UFC 202, Max has paved a continuous career in the fighting world.

However, his last three bouts have all been his loss since 2021, but he is hopeful for his upcoming fight against Tim Means.

All this time in the Octagon, Max has won one Fight of the Night title in 2017 and another Performance of the Night in 2021 in his match against Song Kenan.

Besides his UFC career, Griffin competed for Tachi Palace Fights, where he was the welterweight champion. After all, he has been a professional competitor since 2009 and boasts a fantastic experience in MMA.

Max Griffin And Anastasia Are Yet To Be Officially Married Husband And Wife

The UFC competitor Max Griffin is best known for his long relationship with his soon-to-be wife, Anastasia.

Likewise, this couple is often mistaken as a married couple, while they two have not been married in any way. However, Max and Stasia have been in love for quite some time and may be planning a wedding ceremony shortly.

Stasia’s full name is Anastasia Gabrielle, and she is known for her never backing support to her UFC fighter lover.

As his fiancee, she keeps updated on Max’s matches and career and often attends his fights, cheering him for good.

She is active on Instagram under the username @stasia_gabrl3ii3, where she thoroughly updates on her love life with Max. She is also excited to share his last name, though they still need to fix a date.

Her social media handle proves that Stasia has become a big part of Max’s life as she is close to all his friends and family, and they also prefer her company.

The young lady is a big-time foodie and also indulges in home cooking, one of her impressive traits.

Meanwhile, she is currently busy taking care of the family while Max fights in the UFC octagon. 

UFC: Max Griffin Has A Net Worth Of Over $1.5 Million From His Long MMA Career

Max Griffin is a skilled and professional MMA fighter with more than a decade of experience, which has aided his net worth earnings all this time.

While he started his UF career in 2016, he has been competing professionally since 2009, making him a star of his own league.

Hence, all this time, the King of Sacramento has had a great chance of fighting on various platforms and earning well in the process.

However, Griffi has yet to heed his fans’ questions regarding his net worth figures or earning information. Despite his long years in the fighting industry, he is fine not to reveal the big deets about him.

Meanwhile, he is undoubtedly a millionaire and currently holds a net worth of more than $1.5 million, making him an imposing fighter.

Though Griffin has yet to confirm his earning status, the way of his lifestyle and his heavy contract with UFC proves the theory of him having millions.

In fact, his fans are sure that Griffin could be a multi-millionaire, as he has been regularly fighting in significant events, UFC fight nights, which has given him many chances to bag more than ever.

MMA Welterweight Fighter Max Griffin Salary Breakdown In 2022

Max Griffin has been a huge part of the UFC Welterweight division that has benefitted both the company, his career, and his salary earnings.

Throughout his total of twenty-seven matches fought, the UFC Ear Collector has won eighteen matches that have paid him well. after all, UFC pays a fighter double the deal of the match payment if one wins the bout.

Tapology confirms that Griffin has a total of $282,000 in his career earnings as of 2022. 

Meanwhile, the precise particulars of his salary for each of his matches in the UFC since his debut have not reached the concerned public yet.

While he had cashed in double prize money from his eighteen wins, his other sources of income also included his brand promotional figures along with his before-hand fixed numbers.

Thus, while it may take some more time for Max to open up about his salaries with each match, it is for sure that he gets paid well in the long list of UFC welterweight fighters.

Griffin Is A Father To Two Children – Both Sons Named Julian And Tyrus In His Small Family

Max Griffin is a proud father to his two children, who dearly loves his two sons aside from sharing memes on his social media handles.

He also flaunts his beautiful family pictures and quality family time with them on the internet. The UFC Ear Collector takes time off for his sons and family, indicating that he is a dedicated family man aside from his ruthless in-ring fighting persona.

1. Julian Griffin

Max’s eldest son Julian Griffin is a school-going kid in his early teens. The little man of the family is well-aware of his father’s career and greatly supports him.

His Instagram is @lil_ju916 though he operates privately. Meanwhile, his pictures are openly shared by his parents on their respective social media handles, from where Max’s fans have become aware of Julian’s presence.

The Griffin family is native to Sacramento, where Max returns after each fight, and Julian and his little brother welcome him. 

This young man is fond of his little brother; their pictures are often shared on Max’s Instagram.

2. Tyrus Jax

The youngest member of the Griffin family is little Tyrus Jax. He was born mid-2021 and has grown into a cute toddler, as seen in his pictures.

Max and Stasia both run Tyrus’s Instagram @tyrusjax, aka Toddler Life with Tyrus Jax, where they share the beautiful journey of the little man.

This four-member Griffin family is happy with what they have and are exemplary famous families within the UFC fraternity.

Some FAQs

Are Anastasia And Max Griffin Husband And Wife?

No, Griffin and his fiancée , Anastasia are not husband and wife since they have tied their wedding knot.

How Much Is Max Griffin Net Worth?

UFC fighter Max Griffin holds his net worth in more than $1.5 million figures of today.

How Much Salary Has Max Griffin Received From His UFC career?

Griffin has received more than $200k in his salary since his debut in the Octagon.