Alexandra Pfeifer Plays Katya On ‘Into The Beat’ On Netflix, Professional Dancer Is Now An Actress

Dancer Alexandra Pfeifer Wikipedia And Biography

Despite her status as an actress, Alexandra Pfeifer’s biography has yet to appear on Wikipedia’s official website.

Her performance and role as Katya in the Netflix film Into the Beat catapulted her into the spotlight.

Alexandra became interested in music when she was taken to see the Mamma Mia musical on stage when she was six years old.

She worked as a model and dancer before becoming famous and well-known due to the film.

She came from an excellent household. Her brother’s name is Gerry Pfeifer, but her parents’ information is still verified.

Alexandra Pfeifer Age: How Old Is The Actress?

Alexandra Pfeifer is a 21-year-old actress.

She was born in the year 1999. However, the actual month and day of her birth are still unknown.

Alexandra was born and raised in the German city of Stuttgart. As a result, her ethnicity is white, and her nationality is German.

We could not confirm her height and weight because she has not published her body measurements to the public.

Alexandra Pfeifer-Boyfriend

Alexandra Pfeifer has kept her partner a secret from the public. She has also made no public declarations about being in a relationship with anyone.

So, based on the evidence, we may conclude that she is currently single.

Pfeifer is a young and attractive woman who, for the time being, appears to be solely focused on her job rather than her relationships.

Who Are Alexandra Pfeifer Parents?

Alexandra Pfeifer’s parents are unknown at this time. She hasn’t revealed anything about her parents or their activities on social media.

On the other hand, Alexandra’s parents are known to have nurtured her love of the performing arts. Alexandra commented, “My mother encouraged me to start playing the piano and violin at a young age.”

Gerry, her younger brother, was born on May 9, 2001, and also acts. Alexandra and Gerry have both performed in a duo setting.

Meet Alexandra Pfeifer On Instagram

She maintains a presence on Instagram, following 1,326 people and 211 posts.

Pfeifer is active on Instagram with the moniker @alexandra.pfr and has 25.9k followers.