Alabama Barker’s Boyfriend in 2023: DD Osama or Lil Darius?

It’s unclear who Alabama Barker’s boyfriend is in 2023. After allegedly splitting with rapper DD Osama, the 17-year-old was recently linked to another rapper Lil Darius. However, there is no strong evidence to conclude that they’re dating. 

Alabama Barker, 17, is doing everything to follow the steps of her dad, Travis Barker, the drummer for the band Blink-182. She was born on December 24, 2005, from Travis’ previous relationship with model and actress, Shanna Moakler.

Alabama and her brother Landon rose to prominence because of their parents’ popularity. She has now become a public personality, thanks to her participation on social media platforms such as Instagram where she has over 2M followers.

Recently, Alabama Barker is making headlines as she appears to have introduced her new boyfriend through TikTok videos. Even though she was dating another rapper named DD Osama earlier this year, it seems she has already moved into a new relationship. Well, let’s find out what the truth is.

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Who Is Alabama Barker’s Boyfriend in 2023?

At the end of October 2023, Alabama Barker (@alabamaluellabarker) posted multiple TikTok videos cuddling up in bed with Lil Darius. Fans immediately began speculating if the 18-year-old rapper was Barker’s new boyfriend.

Well, neither Alabama nor Lil Darius has given any other indications regarding their possible romance. All of the TikTok videos were from a set of shooting a music video of a song titled About Us.

Lil Darius also shared another TikTok video in which the two teenagers explored the city. As they posed for a mirror selfie, the teenagers wrapped their arms around each other. Looking into a store window, the two saw an enormous bunch of red roses. The clip ended with the two lying beneath the white covers of a huge bed. While the two initially did indicate as if they were a girlfriend and a boyfriend, it appears all of the clips were from behind the scenes of the music video.

As mentioned earlier, Alabama Barker was in a relationship with another rapper DD Osama in early 2023. The two are said to have broken up after Coachella in April 2023. Alabama then posted a photo of herself in a since-deleted April Instagram post with the caption, “S.I.N.G.L.E. again.”

As of now, it’s unclear who Alabama is dating and if she is single. The chances of her dating Lil Darius lowered after we discovered that she does not follow him on Instagram but follows DD Osama instead. In conclusion, we can assume the 17-year-old star is staying low-key with her relationship status for now.

Alabama Barker Roasts Her Dad, Travis, for His Baby Name Choice!

Even if their parents are renowned, teenagers will be teenagers, and Alabama Barker is no exception. She didn’t hold back when it came to her new half-brother’s name, ripping on her celebrity father, Travis Barker – the iconic drummer of Blink-182 — for the choice.

Alabama is Travis’ daughter from his marriage to former model and reality personality Shanna Moakler. Travis and Moakler ended their on-again, off-again relationship in 2008, after being together since 2002.

Travis and the eldest Kardashian sister, Kourtney, married in a hugely publicized ceremony in May 2022, marking their third wedding total. The happy couple welcomed a newborn boy in November 2023, and after the name was revealed, Alabama didn’t hold back on her feelings about it.

Travis revealed his baby name suggestions to his eldest daughter, Alabama Barker, in a candid interview on Complex‘s GOAT Talk in July 2023. “That’s so bad!” Alabama exclaimed as Travis revealed “Rocky Thirteen” as a possible name.

Travis revealed that he simply liked the combination, referencing Suicidal Tendencies guitarist Rocky George and the film Rocky, as well as his conviction that “13 is just the greatest number of all time,” but Alabama was unimpressed.

“Even he knows it’s bad,” she remarked. Although Alabama had concerns about the name Rocky at first, she eventually accepted it, clarifying in a later interview with E! News, “It’s a cool name. I love Rocky; I do.”