Aileen Hnatiuk’s ethnicity: The reporter’s Eastern European roots

Aileen Hnatiuk is a sports reporter who’s gone viral thanks to her looks. “That’s a wrap,” Aileen captioned the January photo that made her famous online. Infatuated fans said they’d switch allegiances to the New York Saints, the NFL team Aileen covers, just to watch her onscreen. 

“Y’all are wild lmao,” Aileen responded via Twitter. Aileen’s popularity has skyrocketed during the offseason, as evidenced by the growing number of followers on her social media pages. In late March 2023, another of Aileen’s photos, this time taken during LSU’s pro day, went viral. 

Aileen Hnatiuk draws Ukrainian roots from her father, Glen Hnautik, who played in the PGA Tour

Aileen Hnatiuk was born on 6th February 1996 in Weeki Wachee, Florida, to Glen and Julia Hnatiuk. She is Canadian and Ukrainian. Glen, born in Manitoba, Canada, is considered one of Manitoba’s best Ukrainian athletes. 

He was inducted into the Manitoba Golf Hall of Fame in September 2012. Glen told The Winnipeg Sun that he appreciated the induction, though he didn’t win on the PGA Tour. Glen stated:

“There weren’t any wins but I did have highlights without wins out there. Obviously, I had four wins on the Nike Tour. Winning’s always great but just making the PGA Tour was kind of the ultimate thing, and playing out there for a few years in a row was kind of nice.”

Aileen celebrated Glen when a street was named after him on 30th July 2015. “So proud of my dad and his accomplishments,” Aileen wrote on Instagram. “How many people get to say they have a street named after them?”