ABC 20/20: Who Is Boeing 737 MAX Victim Samya Stumo? Parents Of The Deceased Speak Out

Boeing 737 MAX Victim Samya Stumo was one of the passengers in the 10 March 2019 crash. 

The unforgettable tragic incident happened in 2019 that killed 157 people on the board. The victims’ family has been pleading for the termination of Boeing’s aircraft.

The sudden death of those people on the board has devastated their beloved ones. Since the incident, Boeing aircraft faced a tremendous loss and got condemned for its negligence.

Samya falls under one of the people who lost their life due to a crash. Since the tragic event, people have been following more updates on her and her family.

Who Is Boeing 737 MAX Victim Samya Stumo? Details On ABC 20/20

Samya was just 24 years old; woman when he lost her life on Boeing 737 Max. The ABC 20/20 program has highlighted the details on Samya being one of the crashed victims.

She was a medical anthropologist who graduated from Mount Everett Regional High School. Stumo was a native of Sheffield who boarded on Boeing 737, Max.

Upon investigation of the aircraft, it got found that the Boeing jet had already encountered two crashes. The 2019 crash was the second one that they faced.

At the time, Stumo was going to East Africa for her work purposes. Regarding the incident, the investigator found out that Boeing had taken shortcuts.

With the negligence of the flight, all 157 people with Samya got killed due to the crash.

Who Are Samya Stumo Parents?

Samya was born to her parents Michael Stumo and Nadia Milleron. Her family members were devastated upon the news of their beloved daughter’s death.

They gave an interview to the media along with other victims’ families. The happy lived happily in Sheffield until the tragic event occurred in their life.

The victim’s family has been against the jets after the incident. During the ABC program, they mentioned not trusting the jets ever again.

They are pleading to cancel the certification of the aircraft. The crash that happened in Ethiopia has heartbroken many people’s hearts.

Samya Stumo Death Cause Explained

Samya was pursuing her career at the time of the tragic incident. Her parents have not mentioned anything about her, having a husband, or getting married.

Stumo was the victim of the air crash while on her work travel. She died along with other passengers on the board.

Upon the one-year-long investigation, it got found that Boeing was taking shortcuts for trimming expenses. Stumo lost her life due to the 737 crash in 2019.