A Look At Queen Nwokoye’s Family With Husband and Children

Queen Nwokoye is not just an actress as the Nollywood star is a model, TV personality, businesswoman, and philanthropist. The world appears to know everything about her professional life, however, the same cannot be said for her personal life as the actress has continued to keep both her family away from the prying eyes of the media. Fortunately, tidbits are revealed every now and then about the people that mean the most to the actress and we have put together what we know.

Queen Nwokoye is Happily Married

Not many people know that Queen Nwokoye is a married woman as the actress loves to keep the details of her personal life under lock and key. Thus, a lot of fans still believe her to be single but the truth is that Queen has long shed the cloak of spinsterhood and embraced matrimony. However, the details of her wedding were never made known to the public as the actress and her spouse exchanged wedding vows in a secret ceremony. According to Queen, she opted for a quiet wedding in a bid to prevent having a media circus on her big day.

Queen Nwokoye’s marriage has endured and the couple are going strong. Today, she is credited as one of the select Nollywood actresses whose life is completely devoid of scandal.

Who is Her Husband?

Queen Nwokoye’s husband’s name is Uzoma. He is an indigene of Isu Njaba in Imo State, Nigeria, but is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Some reports surfaced claiming that Uzoma is a pastor but it is common knowledge that he is a businessman.

Recently in 2019, Oluchi decided to extend his fingers into Nigerian politics under the All Progressive Congress (APC) political party, running for a seat in the State House of Assembly in Imo State. Unfortunately, his bid was not successful.

Queen and Uzoma Have A Daughter

  • Name: Princess Oluchi
  • Date of Birth: August 20, 2018

Queen Nwokoye and her husband are blessed with one daughter. A few publications have, however, reported that she is also a mother to twin boys but she is only their aunty as she noted in an Instagram post.

In the same way that she shrouds details about her life, Queen Nwokoye also kept facts about her daughter under wraps but later released some photos of the girl. Fans first got to hear the good news through the actress’ friend, Oma Nnadi, who took to social media to congratulate the couple. She shared Queen’s old photos when the actress still had her baby bump. Queen has since then often posted photos of her bundle of joy.

Why Does Queen Nwokoye Prefer to Keep her Family Details Under Wraps?

It is common knowledge that Nollywood celebs are usually a target of fans, the media, and critics, thus, entertainers who wish to enjoy their marriages in peace have learned to keep a close guard on their personal lives. For the likes of Queen Nwokoye, she has good reasons for shrouding her family from the limelight.

According to the actress, family is the only place where she can find peace, and she enjoys spending quality time in the company of her husband and daughter. Queen said her family treats her like a normal person while her husband sees a life partner in her and not the usual movie star treatment she is likely to get from fans. The actress also revealed how she detests being perceived as a film character in real life.

Queen and her spouse are quite wealthy but have decided to desist from showing off on social media. The actress’s motto according to her is to keep her private life private, and her professional life public.

Queen Nwokoye Comes From a Big Family

Though she hails from the eastern part of Nigeria, Anambra State to be precise, Queen Nwokoye was born in Lagos State on the 11th of August 1982. She was raised in a family of seven children (three boys and four girls) under the watch of devout Catholic parents who instilled strict Catholic values in their children.

Queen’s early days were full of good memories as she took pleasure in the company of her siblings. What’s more, both Queen’s mum and grandma were in the teaching profession, and needless to say, her upbringing was pretty strict, both in academics and the church. According to the actress, her early days revolved around church and school, which explained her shy and reserved disposition as a teenager.

Her strict upbringing notwithstanding, Queen Nwokoye has given her folks credit for the kind of person she has become, affirming that her disciplined and determined nature today is all thanks to what they imbibed in her during her younger years.

Queen Nwokoye’s parents are no longer with her today as they both died in 2019, with their deaths occurring within half a year of each other. According to the movie star, it was quite a difficult time for the Nwokoye family.

She Launched Her Career After Studying Sociology and Anthropology

Queen Nwokoye is today known as an actress, model, TV personality, and businesswoman. Before launching her acting career, she attended Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Awka to study Sociology and Anthropology. Upon the completion of the mandatory year-long Youth Service, the young lady moved to Lagos where she became part of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, paving the way for a career in the movie industry.

Queen’s acting debut was registered in a movie entitled Nna Meen (2004). She has since then graced the set of over 250 films and TV series with her pretty face. Some of her best-known early roles were accomplished in films such as His Majesty, Security Risk, The Girl is Mine, Back Drop, Save the Baby, Last Kobo, Speak the Word, My Girlfriend, and Lady of Faith. These projects were released in the mid-2010s.

Queen Nwokoye’s Nollywood roles continued to grow as the actress advanced in her career. Before long, she started appearing in noteworthy movies like League of Gentlemen (2009), Personal Desire (2009), Jealous Friend (2009), and The Last Mogul of the League (2009), Makers of Justice (2011), Blind Bartimus (2015), Evil Coffin (2016), and New Educated Housewife (2017).