9-1-1 Introduces Arielle Kebbel As Lucy But Who Is Leaving The Show?

Arielle Kebbel is the new cast member for the Fox drama series 9-1-1 where she is portraying the character of firefighter Lucy Donato. Find more about the actress.

Arielle Kebbel is not a new name to veteran fans who have already seen the actress break the boundaries of acting and surmise more of a reality-based performance than some pre-assigned lines.

She is a well accomplished American model turned actress having worked for great franchises such as Vampire Diaries and Gilmore Girls.

Born and raised in Winter Park Florida, the 37 years old talented actress has been active in the acting scene since 2003.

She carves a brilliant German and Swiss mixed descent and had previously featured in many beauty pageants and fashion shows.

Her mother even owned a private production company where she served as a talent manager.

Who Is Arielle Kebbel On 911?

Arielle Kebbel really did push fans to the edge of their seats with her recent entry as Lucy Donato is the LAFD firefighting squad.

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Arielle is the new cast that has been added to the 9-1-1 drama which premieres on Fox.

The 37 years old actress performed her role of Lucy and really did justify the character.

She seemed to have shown a brilliant mind state, quick decision-making, and bold nature, ready to fight evils and ready to save lives by keeping her own health at risk.

As per Deadline, Lucy was assigned to fight the fire at rival firehouse 147.

Between the process, she joined the 118 teams to cooperate in a dangerous rescue mission, thereby hinting the fans about the real nature of her character, a slight spoiler to the character arch itself.

Her new role in the 20th Television’s production i.e. Fox Drama Franchise 9-1-1 showcase the heroic deeds of first respondents at accidents and crime scenes, where they are always laced with heavy dangers but still volunteer to do the assigned task.

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Explore The New Lucy Cast Relationship

Arielle Kebbel is portraying the role of Lucy Donato in the 9-1-1 series.

Lucy Donato serves in the LAFD as a firefighter and in her first appearance, she boldly saved lives risking her own life.

Fans were quick to judge her personality to be contrasting yet slightly blending with 118’s Evan Buckley(Stark).

Details On Arielle Kebbel’s Role- Who is Leaving The Show?

Arielle Kebbel entered the show as her Lucy character who has been showcasing a fling with Buck in the show.

There have been obvious hints at the deepening status of their romance as they perfectly blend as characters of similar nature.

Not much is known about how Lucy will be leaving the show or how their side-love arch will develop.