7 Lesser Known Facts About Kathrine Narducci And Her Movies

A gorgeous and talented actress, Kathrine Narducci has successfully built a career in acting, although she never pursued this path outrightly. She has gone ahead to wow a wide audience with her outstanding depictions in multiple TV series and movies which include Jersey Boys, Cruise, and Power. Kathrine has proved her mettle in the movie industry over the years which has immensely boosted her earnings. To know more facts about the actress and her movies, scroll further.

Kathrine Narducci’s Movies

Kathrine Narducci took to acting in a dramatic manner as she never planned to get a role in her debut movie, Bronx Tale. It happened that in 1993, the comely actress took her son to audition for a role in the aforementioned movie and in the process, Kathrine decided to have an audition of which she emerged successfully. She was then handed the role of Rosina Anello in the movie. Since then, she has moved on to feature in multiple movies, including Cuisine américaine as Bridget, Two Family House as Estelle Visalo, Made in Brooklyn as Anna Sciacca, among others.

With regards to her small-screen appearances, Kathrine Narducci was featured in the series, The Sopranos in seasons 1, 2 and 3-6 as Charmane Bucco, and then came to be known widely as a result of her role in the aforementioned series, from 1999 to 2007. She also had roles in other series like Wild Card, Without a Trace, Hung, Blue Bloods, Major Crimes, NYPD Blue, Dellaventura, Cold Case, among others.

Despite being known for her big and small screen appearances, Kathrine has also starred in several TV films, as well as short movies. In 1998, she was featured in the made-for-TV film, Witness to the Mob which premiered on May 10 and concluded on May 11. Later in 2017, she was cast as Eleanor Squillari in the television drama film, The Wizard of Lies, based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Diana B. Henriques. Talking about Kathrine Narducci’s roles in short movies, they include Felicia in Pishadoo, Carol in A Whole New Day, Marie Leone in Slice, Luna in Ink, Henri in Toute La Vic, and others.

7 Lesser Known Facts About Kathrine Narducci

1. Kathrine’s Acting Career Has Spanned Over 20 Years

Having kick-started her acting career in the year 1993, Kathrine Narducci has been active in the movie industry for more than two decades. With her acting career gearing to the apex, it will surely out-live more decades.

2. She Has Appeared as Herself in a Multiple TV Shows

The well-known actress has made brief appearances in a multiple TV shows as herself, which includes one episode of Entertainment Tonight in 2019, one episode of Extra Virgin in 2015, one episode of the Top Chef in 2007 and one episode of the TV series documentary, Celebrity Ghost Stories in 2012.

3. She is a Screenwriter, Director, and Cinematographer

The brilliant actress has forged on to display her multi-talented nature by writing the scripts of the 2011 short film, Dante’s World of which she equally served as the director and cinematographer.

4. Kathrine Narducci’s Post-Production Projects

Kathrine is currently working on some projects which are in post-production stages such as Two Ways to Go West where she will be starring as Faith and Fonzo, a biographical crime film, written and directed by Josh Trank.

5. Her Production Credits

Beyond her works as an actress, Kathrine Narducci has also ventured into film production and has been credited with the production of a good number of movies. She served as the executive producer of the 2017 short-drama movie, Bricklayer’s Poet of which she was cast as Luna, alongside Joe Maruzzo. She also served as an associate producer of the 2007 short comedy film, Slice, which she also starred in.

6. Family Life

Kathrine Narducci was reportedly married to a certain man named, Richard Arthur Ligotino. Sadly, her husband passed away in the year 2002. However, it was reported that before his death, the couple had two children together, a son named Nick Logitino and a daughter, Sally Prisco. At the moment, the actress has maintained a low profile when it comes to divulging information regarding her family life.

7. Kathrine Narducci is Yet To Receive an Award

Despite putting in more than 20 years in her career, the skilled actress is yet to be recognized with an award. There’s no doubt that she will certainly claim one in the near future following her works.