25-Year-Old David Andrew Joins Team Legend on The Voice After Flawless Vocals

David Andrew, 25, gave a fantastic performance on The Voice season 22 audition and joined team Legend.

David Andrew is an American singer and songwriter who performs on various occasions.

He has shared the stage with some of the biggest names, including Ed Sheeran, and has played as a background artist on multiple occasions. Although he has been active in the music industry for a few years, his recent The Voice audition glimpse has risen the man into prominence.

Like the fellow artist Morgan Myles, Andrew also managed to make a place following his brilliant audition round performance where he sang Harry Styles’s Falling. He used his style and sang the song bit differently, which impressed the judges, John Legend and Gwen Stefani.

As the two coaches pursued the vocalist to join their team, David eventually decided to go with Legend and join his team. With his place secure for the next round of the reality show, many people have taken an interest in his personal life as they want to know more about the contestant.

Here, we look at everything available to know about the singer and his musical journey to date.

Quick Facts

Real Name David Andrew
Age 25
Profession Singer, Songwriter
Nationality American
Instagram @iamdavidandrew
Hometown Gallatin, Tennessee

David Andrew’ Age Is 25 Years Old

David Andrew from The Voice Season 22 is 25 years of age.

When John Legend asked for his introduction after the performance, Andrew introduced himself as a 25-year-old singer. Although his actual date of birth remains a mystery at this point, we know the man is in his mid-twenties from the audition clip.

David has been singing at various platforms and events from a young age and has been in the industry for multiple years. Nevertheless, there is no precise trace of his musical journey and other childhood details.

David Andrew Is From Tennessee

David Andrew is originally from Gallatin, Tennessee.

He revealed his place of residence while introducing himself to the coaches and the crowd and disclosed his belonging to Tennessee. Born and raised in Gallatin, David grew up in his local neighborhood, where he picked up an interest in music and pursued the same passion.

He Is Available On Instagram

You can find David Andrew on Instagram under the user handle @iamdavidandrew.

More than 2200 people follow him on the photos sharing platform, and the number has risen recently following his audition in The Voice. Although David didn’t share many glimpses of his life previously, the singer has been active after the audition and has frequently shared pictures and peeks of his time on the reality show.

He has made only 12 posts to date, while his account is yet to get the blue tick of Instagram verification.

David Andrew Has Performed With Ed Sheeran

David Andrew has performed as a background artist with Ed Sheeran in an Elvis All-Star Tribute.

He shared a photo of himself and other co-artists with Ed Sheeran on Instagram, which you can see above. Andrew has played as a background artist for multiple prominent artists in the industry, including Kane Brown and Mickey Guyton.

After some time of singing in the background and other local events, David decided to take his talent to a bigger stage. His step to participate in a reality singing competition has proven successful since he cleared his auction round.

He Went To Belmont University

David Andrew is a former student of Belmont University, where he flourished in his music career.

While attending the college, David won Belmont’s Christian music showcase, as disclosed on his official website. Furthermore, the man also reveals that he has been a part of the hit YouTube series, The Mother Goose Club Playhouse, which has amassed over 12 million views.

He has already graduated from college and has pursued his passion for music as a solo artist.

His Parents Are His Biggest Supporters

David Andrew’s parents have supported the singer from a young age and continue to do so.

In the audition round clip, two people supported the singer and danced happily as the coaches turned their chairs for the man. Although their identities remain hidden, the man and woman who enjoyed Andrew’s selection are likely his parents.

We are yet to know any information about David’s mother, father, and other family members as he has neither shared their pictures nor spoken any word about their background. But more information will come out as the man continues to rise in fame.

Some FAQs

How Old Is David Andrew From The Voice?

The Voice contestant David Andrew is 25 years old.

Where Is David Andrew From?

David Andrew is from Gallatin, Tennessee.

Which Team Did David Andrew Join?

David Andrew joined Team Legend.