Unique Facts About Nadia Björlin and How She Met Her Husband Grant Turnbull

Nadia Björlin is an American superstar who is known for her appearances in many television series over the years. Hailed as a multifaceted performer, the actress, model, and singer is capable of doing pretty well in more than one field of entertainment – and has shown that to be the case.

Named Nadia Alexandra Björlin, the actress was born on the 2nd of August 1980, in Newport, a city in Rhode Island, U.S.A. While her father is Ulf Björlin, a Swedish composer and conductor, her mother, Fary Björlin, is an Iranian interior designer. Nadia happens to be the second oldest child in her family; she has one older brother who has been identified as Ulf Alexander Jr. and a younger brother identified as Jean-Paul.

Nadia Björlin’s Early Life

Although she was born in the USA, Nadia did not get to live in the country very much while growing up. This is because her family kept moving between Sweden and the United States due to her father’s work. She later attended schools in the US along with her half-siblings. It is on record that she attended the Interlochen Center for the Arts, Michigan, as well as the Boston University Tanglewood Institute. She also attended the Palm Beach County School of the Arts, Florida.

Even as a young girl, Nadia Björlin had always had a drive for singing, dancing, and acting. In fact, she took a serious interest in performing arts to the extent that she got honored for her outstanding performances at Boston University Tanglewood Institute. Also, while at Palm Beach County School, she joined a choir that took part in a very huge international vocal contest held in Italy. Nadia’s choir ended up winning gold at the competition.

Despite being very good at singing, Nadia decided to shift her focus from singing to acting when she was done with schooling and started featuring in movies and television series. She landed her first major role in April 1999 and it was in the soap opera Days of Our Lives. She also appeared in many other series including Complete Savages in 2004, Jake in Progress in 2005, and Two and a Half Men in 2010.

Nadia Björlin’s Biodata

  • Full name: Nadia Alexandra Bjorlin
  • Date of birth: August 2, 1980
  • Place of birth: Newport, Rhode Island
  • Ethnicity: Mix of Swedish Iranian
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: Actress, singer, model
  • Relationship: married to Grant Turnbull (since 2015)
  • Children: Torin Mathias and Viggo Sebastian

Education: Institutions Attended

  • Professional Children’s School
  • Palm Beach County School of the Arts,
  • Florida/Dreyfoos School of the Arts
  • Interlochen Center for Arts,
  • MichiganBoston University Tanglewood Institute

Awards and Other Works She is Known For

Even though Björlin has been active since 1999, and has been a part of several films and many TV roles, her career has not been decorated with many awards. As far as we can tell, she has only be nominated for the Indie Series Awards. This was in 2011 when her role as Laura Miller in the web series earned her a nomination for the aid award under the category of Best Supporting Actress in a Drama.

Nevertheless, the multi-talented entertainer has a plethora of works in both movies, and television series to her name. She has also shown she can do a lot more by venturing into modeling, music, and dancing.

Acting: Movies

  • The Marriage Undone (200) as Tracie
  • If I Had Known I Was a Genius (2007) as Faith
  • Redline (2007) as Natasha Martin
  • Jack Rio (2008) as Sonia Hunter
  • Divorce Invitation (2012) as Alex Roverson

Acting: Television series

  • Days of Our Lives (1999–present) as Chloe Lane
  • Complete Savages (2004) as Woman no. 2 in episode: “Almost Men in Uniform”
  • Jake in Progress (2005) as Pretty woman in episode: “Sign Language”
  • Sex, Love & Secrets (2005) as Meg in 2 episodes
  • Out of Practice (2006) as Alana in episode: “Model Behavior”
  • NCIS (2010) as Brittany in episode: “Dead Air”
  • Two and a Half Men (2010) as Jill in episode: “Springtime on a Stick”
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2012) in Crystal Hasselbeck in episode: “Malice in Wonderland”
  • Anger Management (2013) as Dr. Miller in episode: “Charlie’s New Sex Study Partner”
  • 2 Broke Girls (2013) as Pam in episode: “Charlie’s New Sex Study Partner”
  • I Know Where Lizzie Is (2016) as Tracy
  • Satisfaction (2015) as Amara in Episode: … Through Travel


For someone who was once named by a Swedish magazine among the sexiest women, it comes as no surprise that Nadia Björlin has been featured on many covers and pages of magazines like:

  • Vanity Fair Italy
  • Westlake Magazine
  • 21 Magazine
  • Slitz Magazine, and many others.


In addition to the foregoing, she enjoys music and dancing, especially merengue and salsa. Because of how good she is, Nadia was featured as a go-go dancer in Ricky Martin’s music video for “Shake Your Bon-Bon”.


Nadia has even been described as a versatile musician in some quarters because she can play the harp, flute, piano, and guitar.

Nadia Björlin’s Marriage To Grant Turnbull

Nadia Björlin is a happily married woman. She and her husband Grant Turnbull met on the valentine day of 2014 at a valentine party hosted by Grant. The actress got married to Grant Turnbull on the 15th of May, 2015.  The wedding held in Palm Springs, a city in southern California. Nadia and Grant met by chance through a mutual friend on Valentine’s Day of 2014 and fell in love. Only about three months later in August, Grant proposed to Nadia as the couple got engaged. Nearly a year later in May 2015, they made things official and became life partners.

It is apparent, with the way they show themselves off on social media, that the couple has been living very happily since they got married to each other. Nadia Björlin and her husband now have two sons together. The first boy, Torin Mathias, was born on the 4th of May, 2016 and the second boy, Viggo Sebastian, was born on the 1st of September, 2017.

Grant is a home builder and property developer. Often described as an entrepreneur, he is also an actor who studied architecture at the Edinburgh College of Art. He founded the popular events company called The Grand Bevy and has credits in a few movies and television series.

What we Know About Nadia Björlin’s Children

As stated above, Nadia has two kids who were born a year apart from each other. Though her children are still quite tender, they have already started getting significant media exposure being children of famous people.

Her First Child is a Boy

  • Full name: Torin Mathias Turnbull
  • Date of birth: 4th of May 2016
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, California

Torin was born weighing 7 lbs., 13 oz, and 21 inches in length. Following his birth, his excited mum took to social media to share the good news with her fans. And since his birth, he became a regular feature on his parent’s social media accounts to the delight of fans.

Nadia’s Baby Number 2 is a Boy Too

  • Full name: Viggo Sebastian
  • Date of birth: 1st of September, 2017
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, California

Viggo’s birth is remarkable for Nadia in that she gave birth to him on the day that marked the 7th years after she moved to America. As with her first child, she also celebrated the birth of her second child with a post on her social media account which got flooded with congratulatory messages from her fans and friends. Viggo is also a regular feature on his mother’s Instagram page.

People Nadia Björlin Dated Before Getting Married to Grant Turnbull

It is noteworthy that before getting married to Grant Turnbull, Nadia Björlin had been in other relationships. First, she was romantically involved with Frank Kramer, a radio personality in Los Angeles; this was in 2001. The lovebirds were together for about a year before they broke up. After they went their separate ways, Nadia began to date Bruce Willis, a very popular American actor, producer, and singer. However, she and Bruce didn’t date for too long. They were together till 2002 when they parted ways.

After Bruce Willis, she dated Daniel Sadek, who is a subprime lending tycoon and producer of the movie titled Redline, which featured Nadia Björlin as Natasha Martin. It is on record that Nadia and Sadek were once engaged but could not make it down the aisle.

The last person Nadia Björlin dated before meeting her husband was Brandon Beemer. An American actor and model, Nadia and Beemer were together for quite a long time. Records show that they were together for as long as seven years leading up to 2013 when they parted ways.

Here’s What Nadia Björlin Has Been Up To Lately

Nadia Björlin now lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband and kids. She is involved in many charities to help raise awareness and funds for researches on Leukemia. She is passionate about this because her father, Ulf Björlin, lost his life to the disease in 1993 at age 60.

That doesn’t mean the actress is no longer active in the entertainment industry. While it is widely held that the last time she had a significant role was in 2015 when she played Amara in an episode of Satisfaction, we can confirm that she appeared in the Amazon series titled Ladies of the Lake in 2018. Earlier in 2017, she featured in two episodes of Dropping the Soap. 

As of when this report was last updated, she still plays the role of Lara in Venice, a popular web series that has won the Daytime Emmy award.