200+ Car Names To Elevate Your Automotive Experience

Naming a car gives it a sense of personality as it is a way for its owner to express their bond with their ride. Not only does it add personality to the car, but also says a lot about the owner who drives it. Therefore, people give a lot of thought before naming their ride.

People often name their cars depending on their color, looks, style, and car type or some might also go for cool, funny, or elegant names. Here are 200+ car names to consider for your ride.

Table of Contents

Cool Car Names

Naming something you love is always a time-consuming process and it is the same with naming our cars. It must be well thought out and should match your personality as well. Here are some cool car names that might help you make your decision.

1. Mad Max

The name Mad Max is about a movie that hosts a lot of vehicles. This name is suitable for monster trucks.

2. Cannonball

A small compact and fast car deserves this name.

3. Ecto-1

Ecto-1 is a car name used in the movie Ghostbuster. In the movie that car was used for chasing ghosts around  Manhattan.

4. Optimus Prime

Transformers movie fans would already recognize this name. Optimus Prime is a robot that can convert into a car.

5. Valkyrie

Valkyrie is a chooser of a slain from the battlefield of Valhalla.

6. Spitfire

This car’s name suits cars with slim bodies and powerful engines.

7. Terminator

Another beast-like name for a car is the Terminator. Terminators are something that helps terminate anything.

8. Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd is also a movie-referenced name for a car that stars actors like Sylvester Stallone, Diane Lane, Rob Schnider, etc.

9. Cyclone

Like the force of the wind during a cyclone, this name gives our car a fast wind-like personality.

10. Chaos

A name capable of disrupting peace is chaos. This car’s name tells people about the fiery nature of our driving style.

11. Gizmo

Gizmo is a gadget used for a specific job like we use our car for driving around.

12. Beep Beep

A cool car name that simply expresses its honking style is Beep Beep.

13. McLovin’

McLovin’ is a stud name for a car that will be quite famous among the ladies.

14. Undertaker

An undertaker is someone who prepares dead bodies for cremation. This car name is suitable for those cars used during funerals.

15. Smoke

A cool name for a car is smoke as it is obvious that most people like to show off their fancy cars by drifting burnout.

16. Torch

This name is also for those speeding cars that look like fire while speeding in tracks.

17. Simba

Simba means lion in the Swahili language and it’s a great car name that looks scary and powerful.

18. Screech

It is a loud, harsh, and piercing sound like the one that a car tire makes while skidding.

19. Blink

Another name for cars that are very fast is Blink. The fastest cars can be gone out of sight in a blink.

20. Roadrunner

A roadrunner is someone who participates in a marathon or that kind of activity. It is also a popular cartoon character name that runs very fast.

21. The Beast

This name suits those cars that are heavily built or have powerful engines that make loud noises.

22. Knockout

Like the knockout punch used during a fight, this name gives that fighter’s vibe to our ride.

23. Firebrand

Fire is a powerful name so a lot of people like to use this name for a car. Firebrand is one such name.

24. Bolt

The name bolt as in the thunderbolt is faster than sound.

25. Hannibal

Hannibal means a general form of the ancient city of Carthage. It is also a popular English boy’s name.

26. Domino

Domino is a type of game that involves black and white colors. This is a unique car name for black and white cars.

27. Fast and furious

Fast and Furious movies do not need any introduction, and the cars featured in those movies are just mind-blowing.

28. Milo

Milos is something that is ‘very beloved’ in the Slavic language.

29. Theo

Theo is a powerful name for a car which means a God’s gift. Our ride truly holds a special place in our hearts.

30. Zinger

This name is referred to an outstanding person or a thing. It is one of the good names for a car.

Black Car Names

The color black gives class, elegance, and mysterious vibes to our cars. Everyone loves to have a black and beautiful car at their disposal. Below are some great ideas for black car names.

31. Abyss

Abyss is a difficult situation that mostly brings trouble or destruction. A unique name for your beautiful troublemaker.

32. Black Pearl

It is a precious piece of jewelry and a fitting name for our black-colored cars.

33. Knight Rider

Knight Rider is something that mostly leads to travel through the darkness of a night.

34. Black widow

This is a Marvel superhero movie character who is fierce and great in action.

35. Bandit

A bandit is someone who likes to defy the laws. Someone who likes to get involved in the robbery and is a part of an armed gang member.

36. Blackhwak

Another superhero character for a Marvel movie that usually dresses in black is Blackhawk.

37. Batmobile

This super name is the name of a car used by Batman to chase Batman villains.

38. Dark Knight

Another name for a black car from the Batman movies is Dark Knight.

39. Necromancer

A necromancer is someone who practices necromance meaning magic or wizardry.

40. Nightshade

The shade of night is always dark or black. It is a suitable black car name.

41. Deathrow

If someone is on death row that means he is in prison section where convicts given death sentences are kept.

42. Nitro

Nitro is a world related to speed that helps car generates extra speed with nitro gas.

43. Black Beauty

A beautiful name for our black-colored ride is Black Beauty.

44. Dementor

An evil and fearsome character is called a dementor. A scary name for our cool black ride.

45. Panther

A panther is a large jungle leopard that is especially black in color.

46. Black Dimond

It is a precious and extremely rare gemstone. It is one of the cool black car names.

47. Godfather

This name is for the Godfather movie fans. It is a classic and one of the most loved American movies.

48. Reaper

A reaper is a person or a machine that harvests a crop.

49. Black Jack

A cool name for black cars is Black Jack which is a popular card game.

50. Greaser

A greaser is referred to as a motor mechanic or an unskilled engineer on a ship.

51. Shadow

This name is for dark black cars that are as dark as shadow. This name gives a scary vibe to our ride.

52. Black Magic

What else can be a name as cool as Black Magic for a cool black-colored cat? I bet not many.

53. Grim

A grim is something very uninviting or unapproachable.

54. Sirius Black

It is the name of a fictional character from the Harry Potter movie series.

55. Black Mamba

A black mamba is a species of highly venomous snake whose bite is very hard to survive.

56. Jet Black

Jet Black is a type of classic black color that looks very elegant on cars.

57. Zorro

Zorro is a fictional character that was famous for defending the poor who are victimized by injustice.

58. Mystique

This name gives a mysterious vibe to our black-colored cars.

59. Raven

Raven are intelligent black-colored birds that look very similar to crows.

60. Cougar

A cougar is a large American wild cat. They are also called puma, mountain lions, etc.

White Car Names

Here is some white car name idea that evokes purity, style, and beauty. These names are perfect for someone who has just bought a brand-new white car or thinking of giving a new name to their old companion.

61. Frosty

Frosty is very cold weather with the frost forming on the surface.

62. Blizzard

It is a state of a severe snowstorm with high winds. Everything looks white during a blizzard.

63. Rain Man

A movie-based name for a white car is Rain Man. This movie is about a selfish automobile dealer Charlie.

64. Boneknapper

Boneknapper is one of the most abnormal and uncommon species of dragon.

65. Ghost Buster

Another name for white cars is Ghost Buster. It is from the popular movie Ghost Buster.

66. Shelly

Shelly is something covered in shells or something that resembles shells.

67. Crossbone

A crossbone is a representation of two bones placed crosswise. It is kept below a skull which represents death.

68. Great White

A great white car name for a white car is Great White. Great whites are referred to as great white sharks.

69. Sinatra

This is a name after the great American singer and actor Francis Albert Sinatra.

70. Diamond

A Precious name for our most valued driving companion is Diamond. 

71. Herbie

Herbie: The Love Bug is a classic 1963 Volkswagen beetle that appeared in several Disney movies.

72. Snowball

A name for a car that is as white as snow is Snowball. A small white colored car is suitable for this name.

73. Marshmallow

This white care name is for those cars that are beautiful, white, and very comfortable.

74. Betty White

Betty white was a famous American American actress and comedian.

75. The Snow Mobile

Like a name similar to bat mobile, snowmobiles are rides that are used to ride around in the snow.

76. White Witch

A name for a mean-looking white car is a white witch.

77. Whisper

An elegant name for a white color car is Whisper. 

78. Jhon Snow

This white color name is for the fans of the TV series The Game Of Thrones.

79. White Noise

This is a fitting name for a white-colored car that likes to make a lot of noise.

80. Fogger

A fogger is a machine that is used to produce white fog which is mostly used in killing roaches.

Red Car Names

Red colors demonstrate a fiery, passionate, and intense vibe. Here are a few red car names that will suit a variety of red cars from big to small, powerful and fast, etc. You may find a fitting name for your next red car here.

81. Big Red

A simple and easy-to-remember name for a red car is Big Red. This name is for big-sized red cars or trucks.

82. Red Bull

Another powerful name for an energy-packed red car is Red Bull.

83. Dynamite

Dynamites are usually red in color. This is an explosive name for strong-built red cars.

84. Blood Diamond

Blood diamond is another name for conflict diamond due to the way it is extracted and owned.

85. Road Rage

We often see people involved in road rage. This name suits drivers with that kind of temper.

86. Bloodshot

Another red-colored name for our car is Bloodshot.

87. Ignite

Ignite means to catch fire or to cause something to catch on fire.

88. Komodo

Komodo is an Indonesian motor lizard. It is the largest of all known lizards.

89. Ron Burgundy

This name is influenced by the movie Ron Burgundy in which the main actor mostly wears a red suit.

90. Ladybug

Ladybugs are red-colored insects that resemble small compact cars.

91. Rosanne

The name Rosanne means ‘graceful rose’ or ‘favored rose.’

92. Cherry Bom

A cute but powerful red car name is a cherry bomb. It is a cherry-shaped exploding firework.

93. Lightning McQueen

This name is inspired by the animated film where the main character is played by a red car named Lightning McQueen.

94. Starsky

Another movie-inspired car name where two streetwise cops bust criminals in their red and white car.

95. Taurus

Taurus is a zodiac sign that looks quite similar to the red-colored bull. 

96. Crimson Machine

Crimson is a type of color that is rich deep red color that also includes purple.

97. Merlot

Merlot is a type of fruit that is used for making wines. They are also called red grapes.

98. TNT

TNT is a type of explosive. This red car’s name expresses the true explosive nature of a powerful car.

99. Nightcrawler

This name is taken from the famous 2014 movie The Night Crawler starring Jake Gyllenhaal. 

100. Diablo

Diablo is a Spanish term for the Devil. This name is for someone who wants to give a monstrous vibe from their ride.

Blue Car Names

Here blue car names mostly are inspired by movies, TV series, cartoons, etc as they mostly represent the true spirit behind the powerful color blue which can be both soothing and intense. 

101. Sully

The slang meaning of the name Sully is to attack someone’s good name and try to ruin their reputation.

102. Snow Miser 

It is the name of one of the two miser brothers from the movie the year without Santa Clause. He is mostly seen wearing a blue suit.

103. Mystique

This name is inspired by an X-Men movie character who is a blue-colored female mutant.

104. Baby Blue

This blue car’s name is simply taken from a type of color blue.

105. Dory

Dory is a blue-colored fish from the movies Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.

106. Baloo

Another famous animated character name for our big blue car is Baloo.

107. Gonzo

Gonzo is something outlandishly unconventional, outrageous, or extreme. It is also used as slang to describe wild or crazy.

108. Big Blue

The Big Blue is a 1988 drama movie that shows gorgeous underwater photography and spectacular location shooting.

109. Bluey

A simple and very catchy name for our small blue car is Bluey.

110. Ice Cube

Ice cube is a cool name for our beautiful blue car that is also easy to remember.

111. Blueberry

This is a fruit-based name for our car. They are very nutritious fruits that are high in antioxidants.

112. Serenity

The color blue also demonstrates the feeling of serenity. So why not give our car this name to feel this vibe?

113. Jaws

This is a deadly name for a blue car. It is about the movie Jaws, which features deadly sharks.

114. Smurf

We must all have seen and loved the animated movie Smurf. They are especially our children’s favorites.

115. Sonic

Sonic is a hedgehog in a Japanese video game series that is blue in color. 

116. Bluedini

Bluedine is a flavor of a Kool-Aid that is in a powder form which is mixed in water to make a sweet drink.

117. Mako

Mako is a type of shark found in a great blue ocean.

118. Megamind

Another cartoon-inspired cute name for our car is Megamind. It is about a blue-colored supervillain turned into a hero movie.

119. Bluebell

This name for our car is inspired by the blue color shaped like a bell. It symbolizes gratitude, consistency, and humility.

120. Katara

Katara is a fictional character in the TV series Avatar: A Last Air Bender and Legend Of Korra.

Silver Car Names

Silver color car looks very stylish and cool to drive around and such a car deserves that kind of name to add more style to it. Here are some silver car names to elevate its cool factor even more.

121. Anonymous

Anonymous is someone who is not identified. This car’s name creates a mysterious aura around itself.

122. James Bond

One of the coolest spies who is known to drive around fancy cars is James Bond. 

123. Silver Lightning

Silver Lightning is a Mercedes new concept car that is futuristically designed but is yet to be built. 

124. Knight

Knights have a fiery personality when covered in their shining silver armor and ready to battle.

125. Bullet

This is a fitting silver car name that is compactly built and is as quick as a bullet. 

126. Mercury

Mercury is a silver liquid metal that was used in older thermometers, fluorescent light bulbs, etc.

127. Metal Head

This name is for those owners who love to hear heavy metal music.

128. Spark Plug

A powerful car is sometimes known to spit fire from its exhaust. This name is for those scary cars.

129. Moonlight Rider

Moonlight does feel like silver in color. For someone that likes to ride around at night in their silver car then this name is for them.

130. Stormy

Stormy is a state of a wild storm. This name suggests power, anger, and revolt. 

131. Robo Car

It is a funny wordplay from the sci-fi action movie RoboCop released in the year 1987.

132. Invincible

Another silver car name is Invincible because the color silver also has that type of vibe in it.

133. Silver Fox

Silver fox is a slang that is used to describe an attractive middle-aged man having mostly grey and white hair.

134. Iron Man

A car built with solid metal parts and in silver color will carry this name perfectly.

135. Sylvia

Sylvia is a Latin origin name for a girl which means forest or woods.

136. Rocket Fuel

We always associate our car with speed and what’s faster than a rocket. 

137. Titanium

Titanium is a rare and expensive metal used in creating airplane wings, blades, etc.

138. The Razor

Razors are silver-colored sharp blades mainly used for shaving beards. They are thin blades capable of doing big damage.

139. Tron

It is a sub-atomic particle. A physics-inspired name for our lightning-quick driving companion.

140. Soul Ride

A classic name for a silver car that we treat as our beloved is Soul Ride.

Car Names For Boys

People usually go for a name for their car based on the badass movie and TV character. Boys like to name their rides with the name that inspires them the most. Here is a list of such car names that are mainly focused on a boy’s car.

141. The Chopper

A boy’s car with loud exhaust noise will carry the name ‘the chopper’ perfectly.

142. Clint

Clint is a common British name that means settlement in the river. 

143. Tank

A unique car name for boys who prefer large trucks to small compact vehicles.

144. Ford Tough

This is a male-care name for a Ford car that is strong and built to ride on rough terrain.

145. Goodfella

This is a classic American movie based on mobsters. It was directed by the very famous director Martin Scorsese.

146. Diesel

Diesel itself is a strong name and when it is given to a boy’s car, it speaks power.

147. Rocky

Another movie-influenced name for a car is Rocky. This movie is about a boxer based in Philadelphia.

148. Raging Bull

The name Raging Bull is for those car owners who are always up for a street race.

149. Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow is a cunning and drunk pirate from the movie The Pirates Of The Caribbean.

150. Mr. Fantastic

A cool and stylish name that suits both the car and its owner is Mr. Fantastic.

151. Meatball

Except for vegans, everybody loves to have a meatball once in a while. This name is a funny one for our ride.

152. Big Boy

We do treat our car as our children or a pet. The name Big Boy clarifies that emotion towards our cars.

153. Bruno

Bruno is a male given name in English, which means brown color. This name is for someone with a tan-colored car.

154. Tarzan

Tarzan is another fictional character, who was raised in an African jungle by Mangani great apes.

155. Big Easy

The best quality that any car can have is that even if they are big, they are still very comfortable to drive.

156. Scar Face

Another classic movie-inspired name for a car is Scar Face. This movie is loosely based on the life of a gangster, Al Capone.

157. Darth

Star Wars movie fans might be interested in this name. The main villain of the movie is named Darth Vader.

158. My Lady

Guys might also treat their cars as their girlfriends so they will loving call it my lady.

159. Fighter

Another boyish name for a car is a fighter. This unique car name is for those boys who are a bit aggression-loving.

160. Eminem 

One of the greatest rappers of this generation is Eminem. Rap song fans will definitely love this name.

Car Names For Girls

Now it’s turn for girl car name ideas. In this list below there are both strong and girly names to choose from for your beautiful new car. These names will help add an extra wow factor to your ride.

161. Mean girl

A mean name for a girl car that has a mean vibe with its appearance.

162. Juno 

Juno means queen of heaven. This girl’s name is of Latin origin.

163. Xena

This name is of Greek origin which is given to a girl. It means stranger or guest.

164. Eleven

This car’s name is inspired by the main character of the TV series Stranger Things who has extraordinary powers.

165. Adele

One of the talented and most famous singers of this generation is Adele. The name Adele means nobility.

166. T Swift

Another name influenced by the famous singer for a car is T Swift.

167. Barbie

Girls adore Barbie dolls both as children and as an adult. This car’s name is perfect for them.

168. Kitty

This name for a car is for those girls who love to own a cat. 

169. Minnie

A cute little cartoon name for a car is Minnie. It is inspired by the cartoon character Minnie Mouse.

170. Bumblebee

A bumblebee is a type of bee that is large and flies around with a loud hum.

171. Hestia

This name means the goddesses of hearth and warmth. 

172. Benz

This car’s nickname is from one of the best car brands, i.e. Mercedez Benz.

173. Arya

Arya is a female character from an HBO TV series The Game Of Thrones who has a great fighting spirit.

174. Ariel

This is a Disney mermaid princess which makes a great car name for a girl.

175. Athena

This name is of Greek origin and is a girl’s name which means goddess of wisdom.

176. Harley

This name is inspired by the infamous Harley Quinn. It is characters from a Batman movie who play Jocker’s girlfriend.

177. Pinky

A simple name for a girl’s car that is pink in color.

178. Pepper

A brownish or dark-colored female car’s name is Pepper.

179. Leia

This name was popularized by the Star Wars character Princess Leia which means child of heaven.

180. The Bride

Some girls treat their car as their wife or a partner. This name is perfect to express those close bonds.

Sports Car Names

The sports car’s name must be something inspiring, motivating, or fiery. We must give our race cars such names that ignite a fire within ourselves and make us want to compete. Here are a few of those sports car names.

181. Conquest

Conquest means victory over something. It is a feat that every race care wants to have.

182. Airbender

This is a perfect name for a race car that likes to bend the air while racing through the tracks.

183. Victor

The name Victor means conqueror. This race car’s name is idle for the cars that know how to win.

184. Zoom Zoom

Zoom Zoom is a noise that a speedy car makes when the driver hits the throttle.

185. Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is regarded as the fastest man on earth. This will be a great name for your car.

186. Tornado

Tornados are very dangerous and violently rotating columns of air that are known to cause massive destruction.

187.  Addict

Addicts are someone that is addicted to something. Having a race car named Addict gives a clear message of competition to your opponents.

188. Extinction

Another competitive name for a race car is extinction. Your competitors will surely become extinct once you start winning with your machine.

190. Vapor

The same name vibe as the name Extinction is Vapor. It is like when water disappears when there is a lot of heat.

191. Buzz

This race car’s name is for that driver who is always buzzing like a bee to take on a challenge.

192. Warhammer

When you race it’s always a war with your opponents. Your Warhammer is your ride which acts like your weapon to win.

193. Alpha

Alpha is a strong and masculine name for your sweet ride.

194. Storm Chaser

Storm Chaser is something that runs into the storm rather than from the storm. 

195. Firestarter

Some who like to cause trouble or start a challenge then that type of driver can perfectly handle this race car name.

Used Car Names

Not everyone likes to own a brand-new car. They would rather buy an old or used car that is in great condition and modify or upgrade it according to their usage. People can get creative with naming those cars, and we also have a few ideas for old car names.

196. Old Yeller

This is a funny old car name that still has power and makes a lot of noise.

197. Zeus

Zeus is a mighty god of ancient Greeks who managed to defeat the Titans.

198. Rusty

The name Rusty has an old vibe to its name. Rusty is something affected by rust.

199. Clunker

A depleted machine or a vehicle is called a clunker.

200. Grandpa

An old vehicle is similar to an old person they require a lot of help and care.

201. Grandma

Similar to grandpa, the name grandma can be given if you treat your vehicle as a woman.

202. Agnes

This is a girl’s name of Greek origin which means pure or holy.

203. Pappa Smurf

A blue colored old car will suit this name which is inspired by a fictional character.

204. Ethel

This is an old English name given to a girl which means noble. This name is a shorter version of the name Etheldreda.

205. Victoria

Victoria is a Latin name that means victory. This name was also shared by many famous people, notably Queen Victoria.