20 Surprising Signs Your Partner Might Be Cheating on You

Nothing hurts more than seeing your loved ones going behind your back sneaking around with other partners. I guess it is not wrong to say that all of us either men or women hate this feeling. 

So what can you do to make yourself ready for the imminent mental blow, while surviving the shock of discovering thier infidelity? For starters, you can actually be prepared for the signs that your partner is getting implicated with a third party. 

Most of the time, the cheaters are adept at removing any warnings that might alert you of their secret sneak-outs and excuses. An article from Glamour even states that people are hypocrites when talking about confronting cheating partners. 

Although it might still hurt knowing the truth, no doubt about it, at the very least you won’t be much affected by the total shock. Or you can even crash them during the action and catch them red-handed. It depends on how you like to handle the matter.  

Without further delay, let us go through the following 20 surprising signs, revealing that your partner might be cheating on you;

1. Your Own Relationship Started As An Affair

Like a Karmic Luck in action, those who are together with a partner that started off as an affair always end up being the victim of the same fate.

Even though people are skeptical about it at times, the slogan “Once A Cheater, Always a Cheater” is a fact, as cheaters rarely ever change.

So, while you get happy with a partner whom you snatched from others, don’t forget, it might turn your life upside down one day. Be Prepared!

2. The Small Issues And Fights Seem Negligent

Nobody like to fight with their partner, especially for small things like when you left the toilet seat up, or have opened your shoes on the way. While these things seem troublesome for most, it is what keep the love going among the pair. 

The warning signs start when they become negligent of what you do and have fewer fights, trying to speak sweetly whenever required. 

Ita a major Red Flag for those who did not have such calm in the house before. Do not confuse it with care, as the relationship experts suggest it’s when they have something to hide or have their needs fulfilled someplace else.

3. They Become Critical About Moral Appearance And Habits

Relationships often break due to changes in taste and infidelity, most of the time the cheaters become righteous and blame you for lacking in looks or care.

Healing Infidelity expert Caroline Madden states that the unfaithful ones are always ahead in blaming their companions for lacking behind. 

Understand the signal when your partner gives you trouble over small factors about your looks and habits.

4. Get More Concerned About How They Look 

The unfaithful ones are usually more actively affected by their appearance and get to shopping more often to buy new clothes and apparel.

Insecurities fill their hearts and a feeling that they might not be looking good can be observed in thier activities. They like to get in better shape and stay attractive, unbeknownst to their companion.

Do these align with what you see? Then wake up from your dilemma and be more mindful of what your partner is doing exactly. You could get some unpleasant surprises but it might turn out just excessive thinking as well, so confirm the facts in time.

5. Keeping Tabs Of Your Regular Schedule And Where You Go

People have attested to this matter, facing those who commit unfaithful acts are always interested in where you’re going, how long to come back, and other things. 

The partner is always being Monitored and keeping tabs on the other party’s updates. When you see these signs its time to check what they do by sneaking back in occasionally.

6. Signs Of New Hobbies And Interest 

It Is not a surprise that those who cheat ultimately have totally new Hobbies and interests as their old ones remind them of their infidelity.

They have random and sudden demands at times and it gets without Choice. 

7. They Do Not Open Up About Their Emotions Like Before

People are emotional and are habituated to sharing their happiness or sadness with their most trusted persons. Essentially, they are the ones that we love and care about the most. 

When your companion shows signs of not sharing their emotions and stays more reserved, they’re probably going to someone else. Although this does not mean they are cheating on you physically, it certainly is the case of emotional cheating according to an article posted on Glamour.  

8. Irritated Response When Getting Confronted With Clues

Getting irritated is a sign that one can not openly talk about what they feel and accept the truth. Humans have the nature of defying the facts until proven, so getting a rash response for a confrontation is definitely a Red Flag. 

If your partner is behaving in an irritated manner you need to think about the possibilities and find out the secret behind it. 

9. Change In Attitude And Indifference To Anything Around You

When you feel like your partner is behaving strangely and does not give much care about anything that you do or say, then they might have someone else they care.

In most cases, those persons who are getting satisfied with someone else, have a nature of ignoring and being indifferent towards you. While in other cases, the change in attitude signifies their irritable nature and blatantly lying when asked about something. 

10. When You Feel Avoided Or Your Partner Is Lying In Obvious Cases 

A major red flag in any relationship is when you notice that your partner is basically lying in clearly noticeable scenarios. They feel like they need to hide everything from you or they might reveal a hint of the infidelity. 

Meanwhile, what they don’t know is that doing so would make them even more suspicious and avoidance is not the way to do it. If they don’t have anything to hide then talking about it clearly to the companion is the best method to choose.

11. Their Random Stories Don’t Align With Each Other

Do you feel that your loved one is making insensible stories that change every time they explain? Well, it might not be a surprise to you that they are definitely having an affair. 

When people choose to entangle themselves with someone else, they always prepare a speech to narrate when confronted. As such, those stories are always in their mind and if it is not the fact then there are always modifications to them.

12. They Are Not Ready To Make Big Decisions 

When your partner feels you are not the one and taking their time indulging with someone else, you might notice their reluctance to taking joint decisions. In cases of making plans for future savings for kids or planning to buy a house, they tend to deflect from the topic. 

Those that do not have confidence in you and plan to go separate ways, are reluctant to take that step with you. 

13. Getting A Lot Of Gifts In Recent Times

In some cases of extramarital affairs, the ones who are involved in the act tend to show more attention and shower the companion with gifts. This can be seen as a matter of self-guilt displayed by them for cheating on their companions. 

Husbands try to erase thier guilty conscience by showing extra love and care and spending money on their partner’s demands. Despite all that, the fact that they cheated could never be solved with some amount of gift, if they get exposed.

14. They Are Constantly Engaged In Their Mobile Phones

Some people give clear signs of infidelity as they spend almost all of their time on their phones, chatting with others. At most, they nod or give an occasional ‘hmm’ when you’re talking with them. 

If you experience such scenarios, then your partner might have some secret relationships or have lost interest in you. 

15. They Cash Out Their ATMs Much More Frequently

When your better half is making fewer transactions online and taking cash outs from ATMs in a more frequent manner, there’s certainly a secret.

In most cases, partners tend to take out more cash so that thier activities could not be tracked by their companions.

16. They Spend More Times At Office Even On Holidays

Often times couples are obvious of the cheating nature when they notice that their counterparts are spending more time away from home. They claim to be working overtime and rarely take time off for thier family and their companion. 

Though it might not necessarily be the case of affairs as some people just work more than others, there are cases when your gut feeling gives you alarms.

These feelings are mostly true since nobody knows your partner more than you. Thus, when they change, even if your conscious self ignores it, your subconscious gives you the signs of a different scenario.

17. Vacation And Night Out Plans Are Forgotten 

In a normal relationship, couples tend to go for a night out and plan a vacation occasionally giving the gift of time to their companions. But, when there is a mystery third person in between, these plans become neglected and forgotten.

Even when you remind them of the fact, they deflect the ideas by stating work pressure and other excuses.

18. Noticeable Changes In Sex Life And Intimacies

You notice a change in the partner’s denial of intimacy more often when they are getting their experiences from someone else.

They either feel uninterested in the physical relation or they become more aggressive with a lack of emotional connection when bonding. At times, the husband or the wife feels that even though they are together in bed, they feel distant from each other. 

19. They Avoid Having Serious Conversation And Laugh It Off

In situations when your companion is having an affair, they are afraid of blurting out their secret when having serious conversations.

You notice their unusual attitude and making sarcastic comments to brush off the atmosphere.

Humorous comments and laughing in the middle of the conversation can be signs that they have something to hide. 

20. When You Get That Gut Feeling Of Losing The Connection

Lastly, trust that gut feeling you get when you feel that your partner is getting away from you. They might be having a secret time off and getting away from you with various excuses. 

Likewise, they usually tend to get away from the family functions and events and have no time for you or the family.

While the indications could not be always on point and it could be just a fit of jealousy or output of overthinking, if you constantly feel something is wrong, you might as well confront them.