18-Year-Old Ava Lynn Thuresson Sings Baby One More Time on The Voice 2022

Ava Lynn Thuresson, an 18-year-old contestant, sings “Baby One More Time” during The Voice Season 22 Blind Auditions on September 26, 2022.

The Voice is a popular singing competition that airs on NBC. The show’s format is based on the original The Voice Of Holland. It seeks currently unsigned singing talents aged 13 and up.

Ava Lynn Thuresson is a skilled singer, composer, competitive dancer, and model from San Diego’s Coronado neighborhood. She has a lovely tone with traces of soul and jazz mixed in with current pop sounds.

California-based young talent is very close to her family, and her cousin Dawson gave her the idea to pursue music. Ava tragically lost her cousin when he drowned when she was 13 years old. Despite briefly abandoning her passion, her love for music was revived in high school, pushing her to The Voice stage. John and Camilla turned their seats for her, but Ava chose Team Camila over Team John.

Other top contestants like Morgan Myles and Orlando Mendez are also on Team Camila.

She is a promising young singer with a tremendous voice, and it will be fascinating to see her thrive on The Voice.

Quick Facts On Ava Lynn Thuresson From The Voice

Real Name Ava Lynn Thuresson
Date Of Birth 2004
Birth Location California
Age 18 years old
Parents Unknown
Profession Singer, song-writer
Instagram @avalynnthuresson
Marital Status Unmarried

Ava Lynn Thuresson On The Voice

Ava Lynn Thuresson, aged 18, is one of the contestants on The Voice Season 2022.

She is a singer-songwriter, dancer, and model who appeared on The Voice Season 22. The singer sang Britney Spears’ song Baby One More Time uniquely.

The young artist claimed ownership of the song by adding a sour tone. John was the first to turn because he liked how she sang with a twist, followed by Camilla. Gwen regretted not turning for her since she admired her grungy touch.

Although John and Camilla turned seats for her, Aava Lynn Thuresson selected Team Camila over Team John. Since Camilla is the coach of the teenage artist, it will be exciting to hear her in future episodes.

Ava Lynn Is 18 Years Old

Ava Lynn Thuresson turned 18 years of age in the year 2022. Though the musician was born in 2004, it is still unknown when she celebrates her birthday each year.

The 18-year-old singer began singing early in her childhood and was inspired to pursue a career in music by her cousin. And her wish came true when she was cast as a contestant on The Voice.

Ava Lynn Is From California

Ava Lynn Thuresson is a teenage singer from Coronado, California.

The young artist, Ava, was born around 2004 to her parents in San Diego’s Coronado. California-based Ava has made a career in the music industry.

Although she hasn’t yet officially released any music, she debuted two original songs on her YouTube channel: “Crestline Place” and “A Day and 15 Hours Away.”

As she is a young artist and has recently gained attention from The Voice, her detailed information about her childhood in her hometown is still to be known.

She Is A Multitalented Artist

Besides singing, Ava also plays piano and guitar. She was chosen twice as a pianist and guitarist to attend Grammy Camp, which is designed to help young people prepare for jobs in the music industry.

She was one of just eight kids chosen from around the country for the voice track. She is listed as a singer-songwriter, dancer, and model in the city’s annual fund-raising event Coronado’s Talent.

She Is High School Graduated Girl

Ava graduated high school last year in May. She revealed to the coaches of The Voice that she had already graduated the previous year.

The vocalist, who is 18 years old, recently received her high school graduation and is now concentrating on advancing her musical career. She is now completely focused on her career by putting everything else aside.

She enters The Voice immediately after graduating, demonstrating that she intended to finish her studies before pursuing a career. And now she might give all her time to make her career.

Ava Lynn Is Also A Model, Reporter And Host

Ava has modeled for the design and fashion company Mia Bella Couture and the apparel brand René Atelier.

Besides singing and modeling, Ava also worked as a host and reporter. According to her Coronado’s Talent resume, she also worked as executive director and host of her high school’s TV news show and contributing reporter for the news magazine show California Life.

She also participated in the high school dance team throughout her junior and senior years of high school, based on her Instagram.

Some FAQs

How Old Is Ava Lynn Thuresson?

Ava Lynn Thuresson turned 18 years in 2022.

Is Ava Lynn available on Instagram?

Ava Lynn is available on Instagram with the username @avalynnthuresson.

Which team did Ava Lynn choose?

Ava Lynn had chosen Team Camila.