10 Weirdest and Most Shocking Religious Superstitious Beliefs

In certain parts of the world, women were not allowed to eat eggs otherwise they would become barren. Boys and young men were also not allowed to cook because cooking was womanly. If a young man cooked, he risked being the inferior to his wife when he eventually got married. These superstitious beliefs exist everywhere and some are still obeyed like laws. For example, a few men in my community still don’t cook for fear of being inferior to their eventual wives; something the community considers a curse.

But it seems our superstitious beliefs were far too kind. The outside world has several superstitions some of which are truly shocking. In the nineteenth century in England for example, women were not allowed to eat lettuce if at all they wanted to have children. That’s absurd. I mean, how could lettuce stop you from having children? Anyway, here are 10 of the weirdest religious/superstitious beliefs you can ever come across.

1. Bird poop equals riches

It is believed that bird poop can get you riches as long as it gets on your car or clothing directly from the heavens. So if you were walking around in your new expensive suit and an overflying bird poops on your head, shoulder or anywhere else, you’re a lucky man because you’re going to be rich. You’d be equally as lucky if you packed your car under a tree and found it covered in bird poop; don’t wash it off too fast.

2. Old, new, borrowed, blue

In the past, weddings weren’t just weddings. It was an opportunity to show the couples that you cared about them and wished them a happy, bountiful marriage. A complete gift package, therefore, included at least 4 different things each with a unique symbol. One item had to be old to represent continuity, another had to be new to represent hope and the future, the third was supposed to be borrowed symbolizing borrowed love and the last was to be blue representing freshness, purity, love and fidelity.

3. Black cats are bad luck

Yes, if you woke up and on stepping out the first thing you meet is a black cat; expect a day to forget. But it doesn’t end there. Even if things had been going smoothly for you and suddenly a black cat crosses your path out of nowhere, your luck would change for the worse.

4. Jinxed birds

There was this popular belief that owls howling directly over your house or within your home in the middle of the night could bring very bad luck, sometimes even death. Elsewhere, the Jinxtorquilla and the Wryneck which can twist their necks liberally were just as dangerous. If it twists its head in your direction, you’d be dead very soon.

5. Crossing finger to attract good luck

Crossing one finger to attract good luck is probably the most popular superstitious belief in the world; it’s done everywhere and those who do will tell you they’ve been successful with it on more than one occasion.

6. Taking photos to steal your soul

When photographs were first invented, an unfounded belief quickly found its way around that when one takes a photo of you, he was also taking your soul. So if your enemy could take a photo of you, you were finished.

7. Itchy fingers get you money

Where it came from is anyone’s guess but there is unfounded belief that itchy fingers are a sign that you would soon be getting large sums of money. Unfortunately, you are never told when or where exactly the money would come from!

8. Never enter the house through the window

You should never enter the house through the window whether or not the house belongs to you or else you’d become a thief.

9. Stumbling on your right foot brings bad luck, stumbling on the left one brings good luck

When you’re just waking up and the first thing you go through is hitting your right foot on a wandering can which sends you stumbling, your day won’t be a smooth one. On the brighter side, if you stumbled upon the can but on your left foot, you’re headed for a very lucky day.

10. Go to a hospital on a Wednesday and leave on a Monday

You should always try to go to the hospital on a Wednesday and leave on a Monday. Leaving hospital on a Saturday is cursed as it means you’re soon going to be back at the hospital.

Some of these religious/superstitious beliefs are just hilarious!