W`ZB’s biography, net worth, fact, career, awards and life story

Intro Politician (0600-0600)
Is Politician 
From Ethiopia 
Type Politics 
Gender male

W`ZB (vocalized as Wa`zeb) or Ella Gabaz was a king of Axum (flourished mid 6th century). He uses the name “Ella Gabaz” on his coinage, but calls himself W`ZB in an inscription where he states he is the “son of Ella Atsbeha”, or king Kaleb.

In his discussion of this king, Munro-Hay draws on material from the story of Abba Libanos, the “Apostle of Eritrea”, in which a king named “Za-Gabaza Aksum” is mentioned, to suggest that Ella Gabaz and Za-Gabaza might be epithets W`ZB adopted, and indicate that he did some important construction on Mariam Syon (or Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion) in Axum.