Nii Tackie Tawiah III’s biography, net worth, fact, career, awards and life story

Intro Ghanan king
Was King 
From Ghana 
Type Military 
Gender male
Birth 6 October 1940
Death December 2012
(aged 72 years)
Star sign Libra

Nii Tackie Tawiah III (October 6, 1940 – December 2012) was the Ga Mantse in the Ga State, a traditional kingship in the Greater Accra Region in Ghana from 2006 until his death in 2012.
Before his installation in June 2006, King Tackie Tawiah had been a member of the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) since 2002 and former member of the Law Review Commission.
With a solid educational background in Political Science, Economics and Law and a wealth of experience at the NDPC, King Tackie Tawiah had ascended the Ga Stool with a lot of promise to accelerate the development of the Ga State. Holding a BA degree in Political Science Pace University, New York City and an MA in Economics (New School for Social Research, New York), he was well disposed to lead the rediscovery effort of the political clout of the Ga State and the economic empowerment of his subjects. With a PhD in Public Law (New School for Social Research, New York City, an LL.B and a Diploma in Law La Salle University, Chicago, he had a deep insight of the legal boundary within which to operate and achieve the aspirations of the people.
He had indicated that although every child developed by learning how to sit, crawl, walk and run, the situation in which the Gas found themselves demanded, that “we run immediately because we are lagging behind”.
With his ambition well defined, the late Ga Mantse, during his coronation, announced the establishment of a Ga Development Corporation (GDC) to raise funds for the speedy development of the Ga State. From the beginning, his overtaking of the traditionally rotating kingship had been disputed and recently also challenged by several claimants, however a local court ruled in his favor of his rule in 2012.
In January 2013, it was reported that Tawiah had died in a London hospital after a short illness in December 2012.