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Intro Activist
Was Journalist
From Egypt
Type Journalism
Gender male



(aged 69 years)

Adel Hussein (1932–2001) was an Egyptian journalist and oppositional political activist, who moved from Marxism to Islamism.

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The youngest brother of Ahmed Hussein, founder of the Young Egypt Party (1933), Hussein became an anti-British activist early and was imprisoned for communist student activism from 1953 to 1956. Graduating in science from Cairo University in 1957, he was imprisoned again from 1959 to 1964.

On release from jail, Hussein became a journalist, joining the newspaper Akhbar Al-Yom. Forced into an administrative job for his opposition to President El-Sadat in 1973, he embarked upon a period of scholarly research which resulted in three books: The Egyptian Economy, Towards a New Arab Thought (1981), and Normalisation (1984).

Joining the Socialist Labour Party in 1984, he drove the party towards a hybrid of Marxist anti-imperialism and Islamist emphasis on Shari’a. He edited the party newspaper, Al-Shaab from 1985 to 1993, allowing the leaders of the banned Muslim Brotherhood to write for it. At the party congress in May 1993, Adel Hussein was elected the Labour Party’s General Secretary, and gave up the editorship of Al-Sha’ab to his nephew Magdi Hussein.

On 24 December 1994, Hussein was arrested in Cairo on his return from a trip to France, and held in solitary confinement in Tora Prison. One week after his arrest, a reason was provided: al Jama’a al-Islamiya leaflets with his handwriting on had apparently been found under his plane seat. After continuing protest at his imprisonment, he was released on 18 January 1995.


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